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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Everyone Comments! August 28 livestream comment goals

Livestream day tomorrow! Another comment challenge is upon us, whose goals you can see from the @taiko_team tweet above.

Most of the goals are similar to previous runs, save for the big SECRET tagged to the 87,600 goal. Guess we'll have to find out on the spot.

The song for limited pre-unlock is an oldie: Mirai e no Kagi, a CS Anime 2 debut! The last and only time it was on a Taiko game it bears 7☆, with some hefty 16th clusters around the place.

Everyone Comments! Livestream Challenge (August 28) goals
10,000 comments: Twitter icon
20,000 comments: 500 Shopping Points
30,000 comments: Title part
50,000 comments: Smartphone wallpaper
76,500 comments: Etou appears ??????????????? wearing Tatsudon T-shirt
87,600 comments: SECRET
100,000 comments: Limited pre-unlock of Mirai e no Kagi on AC0Ki

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