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Friday, August 22, 2014

3DS2 August DLC Pack Info Found

Photo from this Plurk

It's nice to see 3DS2 continues to get print coverage two months after its relea... hold on, is that Princess Soprano?

Check out the lower screenshots. It seems that the August DLC is another pack of one additional quest plus songs. This time we revisit 3DS1's damsel once in distress Princess Soprano deep in her castle's dungeons, joining us in the Harmony Castle Chaos quest to find and stop an enraged, runaway Raruko.

The five songs in this pack, from the green parts of the table, are:
  • Detective Conan Main Theme
  • Theme of Lupin III '78 (wikihouse claims an Ura notechart but unconfirmed with this shot)
  • JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  • Black Rose Apostle (rightly with Ura... hopefully)
This pack is a bit special compared with the Ponko pack, in that a Hero Don-chan costume (small window) is also included. Get with the 3DS1 vibe with a 3DS1 costume! The price is still 500-yen plus tax for the five-song-plus-quest-plus-costume pack, so it's marginally a better deal, dependent on how you see it.

We await official word from the Taiko Team to confirm all these (no mention in 3DS2 official site), but in the meantime enjoy the prospect of downloading these to your game!

EDIT: Another photo of the magazine confirming Uras for both Black Rose Apostle and Theme of Lupin!

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