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Friday, March 21, 2014

Taiko no Tatsujin: Kigaete Asonde Moyougae

Strange name, eh? This spinoff, recently announced for auSmartPass owners (just like Tori Houdai), means "Change Clothes, Play, and Remodel", which directly refers to the three activities you can do in the game, most of which are things you can do on other console games.

Kigaete Asonde Moyougae is a mini life simulator. Players control Don-chan, and you can interact with the other series' characters around the place. You can put costumes on Don-chan, which is the first activity you can do! It features a full color palette, and seems to follow the Sorairo/Wii5 format: single-body costumes.

The second one is a mode for some minigames. Two are shown on the official site: Wani Wani Panic from Taiko Wii 3, and Don-chan's Walk, where you can send Don-chan out to explore, and after waiting a bit, he will come back with stories and probably even pick up items such as costumes.

There are more than just costumes in this bite-sized game; you can also get furniture to decorate/remodel Don-chan's room with.

It's not much, but using auSmartPass, the game will probably get periodical updates and new things to obtain. Plus, it's free!

The official site for this spinoff is here.

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