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Friday, March 28, 2014

Taiko Momoiro spreads further out!

Yesterday was a busy news day from the official Taiko blog, so this had to be put off. However, according to our friends in Taiwan and tetsu/crystal from Hong Kong, Taiko Momoiro is taking another step forward out of Japan!

The above picture comes from the Facebook Jubeat Taiwan fanpage, (thanks to tetsu informing us of it), it shows 7 new songs being released for the Taiwan Momoiro on March 27th 2014, 5 of which are licensed and 2 Namco Originals which were left out because of the lack of DonChare overseas.
  • Amachan Opening Theme
  • Haru Uta (from Detective Conan)
  • Jinsei Reset Button
  • Eccentric w
  • Yi-Er Fan Club
  • Houou Tenbu Mugen Kuzure
  • Amanda
Another thing is the news that Taiko Momoiro is also now in Hong Kong! According to crystal, there are two on the island, and they have been turned on and are fully operational! Waiting for pictures of the news!

Where will Taiko HD go next?

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