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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Random: DIY Tatacon

I'm sure you've heard of players modifying their home console Tatacon controllers to make them more sensitive/quieter, but this is unlike anything I've ever seen before. Someone either made sensors or stripped them off a Tatacon and attached them to a paper/plastic plate-like thing. And it works awesome.


  1. iirc it's not actually that hard to get the strike sensors (I forget what they're called exactly) like what are used in actual tatakons and in the machines themselves, but knowing how and where to attach them to get accurate results is the tricky part. I hope this guy has some instructions somewhere!

    1. Technically those are pressure sensors, but tuned to a point that simply touching don't trigger stuff. But yeah these are quite commonplace now, like eBay commonplace.

    2. Yeah you can tell my knowledge of hardware components is pretty limited :P