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Sunday, May 5, 2013

pikaby asks: Your dream song?

If the NicoNico Conference 2 taught us anything, it's that the new arcade has way more flexibility than an official Taiko game has ever had, with the ability to add and subtract songs from its list for the purpose of specific events, and the best part is the three special songs in the conference were voted by players on Twitter! And Namco made their dreams come true in perfect style (though we still won't be able to play them even if we had access to a Sorairo, it's still official).

What three songs would you have chosen to be shown in an event like this? It can be anything; Vocaloid songs, videogame BGM, or whatever.


  1. i would want Confiserie, and Mynarco from Bemani because their notecharts would be awesome and hatsune mikus Vegetable juice just cause :D

  2. BabeL ~Grand Story~ merits to be ported everywhere. Just sayin'.