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Monday, April 22, 2013

Made by You: Surgam Identidem and more

Another round of your custom-made Taiko charts, this time with a well balanced mix from four different people!

The first chart to be featured, right on top, is by Jia Yi, and this is another remixed Madoka Magica music piece, this time of the battle with Walpurgisnacht, the 'final boss' of the anime series. The name of this witch is based on a traditional festival called the Walpurgis Night held in Europe. Or rather, another one that makes more contextual sense is the Walpurgisnacht in Germany, supposedly when witches gather and celebrate on the Brocken mountain waiting for spring to arrive. The witch in the anime is indeed very imposing and extremely powerful, but any further discussion would lead to extreme spoilers!

The remix heard above and the chart, with all its slow scrolling areas, is reminiscent of Tokoyami no Mori with its dark overtone, except this one is a lot harder. Even though noted as a 9*, the difficulty is only due to the length of the song; certain areas of this chart are indeed very difficult, especially the initially plain-looking end stream, which evolves into a diabolical 1/16 1/24 mix a little later.

Once again tetsutaro champions for the welfare of lesser-known Namco Original songs, with this custom Ura Oni made for a mellow Taiko 12 song, Kissa Rain. We've covered this song in a weekly feature way back in May 2011, and tetsu's Ura Oni introduces more well-deserved complicated beat patterns, while keeping to the characteristic claps at the 3rd beat of every stanza with a Kat note there. Wish more easy Namco Originals were updated like this!

Third chart, this one coming from Nintendo's rhythm game series, Rhythm Heaven (or Rhythm Tengoku in Japan). This song comes from the Japanese version of Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Wii. The series is famed for having quirky music in time to some really wacky minigames, but occasionally they are all mashed together into a challenge known as 'remixes'. There are 10 of these remixes in the Wii version, and the 9th remix features a song with actual vocals in the background while the minigames pan out on the screen in quickfire mode.

The song's name? Yagate Onna wa Kirei ni Naru Darou, mapped by AxelHino, known in English as Beautiful One Day. It's not a very taxing chart, but it was a real toughie back on its original game. At 7*, there are several 2-note clusters and big notes which match the lively (albeit slow) music.

Finally we move to our last chart for the day, made by a new charter, crystalsuicune from osu!Taiko, the resident Bemani fan of the community from that forum. The song involved is a classic progressive song by DJ Taka, simple named 'V' (pronounced 'five'). It made its debut on beatmania IIDX 5th (hence the name of the song) and was one of the hardest songs for its time. It has been ported to several other Konami rhythm games, including pop'n music and Dance Dance Revolution, and crystal makes a port of this epic song to Taiko!

Not as difficult as its origin, but still has some really memorable bits in the chart, especially the streams.

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