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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First video of Juukinzou Fugitive

From last weekend's NicoNico Conference 2, we had seven songs that would make their way onto Sorairo not too long from now. Among them are the four GUMI songs from last year's CreoFUGA contest. Juukinzou Fugitive comes from said contest and it's made by Ryuwitty, the same person who won a spot in the song composition contest for Taiko PSP DX!

A video for Juukinzou Fugitive (重金属フューギティブ) with its Oni patterns is already made available for everyone to see on Youtube, and... wow.

After Nightmare Survivor's Ura Oni, the insane speed of this contest song (260 BPM!) with clusters, makes it the 2nd brand-new 10* introduced on Sorairo. Juukinzou Fugitive's difficulty is 4/6/7/10 with 653 notes on Oni (quite a low total). Note: P1 has Detarame modifier turned on, and P2 is the original notechart!

If you want to hear a different and clearer version of the song, you can hear it in its CreoFuga entry page.

We also have the star ratings for Jin's Yobanashi Deceive, one of the two new Sorairo songs sung by Vocaloid IA (4/4/6/9), but no gameplay video yet.

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