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Friday, February 1, 2013

Twitter Snippets (1 February 2013) - Introducing the Able-Fingered Pack

【告知】iOS用アプリ 太鼓の達人プラスに新曲の『すご指ぱっく』が登場!収録曲はナムコオリジナルの「エンジェル ドリーム」「ドドンガド~ン」「LOVE戦!!」「蒼の旋律」「はたラク2000」の5曲です!シリーズ屈指の難易度の『はたラク2000』は歌詞にも注目♪

Another Namco Original song pack for smartphone Taiko game is released, according to a Taiko Team tweet posted today. The new 'Sugoyubi Pack' (literally, Amazing Finger, or Able-Fingered) manages to deliver both long-time fan favourites and challenging songs at the very beginning of February. 

The pack contains the songs Angel Dream, Dodon ga Do~n, LOVE Ikuza!!, Ao no Senritsu and *gulp* Hataraku 2000! Can your fingers handle Namco's latest iOS challenge?

Credit to tetsutaro for the find!


  1. Taiko Team twitter further confirms these only contains Omote difficulties.

    1. Well there has never been any Ura for iOS anyway