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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Made by You: Deep Inner World and more

Been a while since we last has a user chart feature eh? We haven't accumulated that much after that bumper crop from last time, but keep on sending those charts!

This first one is again by Packer, titled 'Deep Inner World'. Typical techno track we've come to know and love from Packer, and around 3 minutes long. A song with many echoing sounds giving a sense of depth, the chart given to it is also similarly smooth and simple Taiko chart with no troll areas. Listen to the track here!

Ohayou! Shining Day is the 3rd opening to soccer anime Inazuma Eleven GO, which was only recently released on Taiko 3DS....and had a very dismal 4* Oni chart when the music had potential for so much more. tetsutaro saw this and mapped this lovely 7* Ura Oni for the song, which is more than just simple 3 note clusters; it has quite a few other creative areas.

Time to fulfill our obligatory quota of Bemani songs turned into Taiko charts! This time the mapper is AxelHino, and the song is 'Tsubame' (lit.Swallow) by scat rocker Asaki. The song itself only has a few stressful areas, but that didn't stop it from becoming a high-tier challenge in its game of origin, Pop'n Music 15. The various guitar strummings don't translate well into Taiko however, and by following the drums, an intermediate difficulty Oni chart is made, with the chorus being the most cluster-heavy portion.

A lot of custom charts built on official Taiko charts today, and we're ending this feature with another one. This time it's our Song of the Week from two weeks back, Telecastic fake show by indie rock band Ling Tosite Sigure. Thought the original 10* chart was hard? You'll love this! Mapped by CoroQuetz and touted as a 12* Oni (twelve!), it has every portion of the Taiko cut plus more; this is the full version of Telecastic fake show, with way more notes than even Shimedore 2000. Test how long you last in this stamina-buster!


  1. I love the use of the term 'dismal'.

    Anyway, Ohayou Shining Day hasn't made it to the arcades yet. Fingers crossed for Sorairo!

    1. lol how did I forget where it came from? XD It's a 3DS1 song.