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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (31 January 2013) - I Am Synth

After yesterday's official revealing of Taiko 0 Sorairo, it's time to explore the final Donchare song for Taiko 0.5, Boku wa Shinse (ボクハシンセ), which was talked about several times before this but never received an official blog entry until now.

The song is composed by Denji Sano, the same person who made Taiko Time (the song, not our blog!) before this. The title is a direct Japanese translation of a simple synthesizer app released for iOS, called I Am Synth, made by Detune. Sano was probably one of the people working on that project (he is part of Detune), hence this song for Taiko. And yes, a synthesizer and Sano's voice is being used for this song.

A sample of the song is available for listening on the blog as usual, and a video to play too! The video is Sano recording for the song. It's crazier than it sounds, go watch it!

Also, announcing at the same time, the final monthly costume for Katsu-Don! An Oni costume! You get this costume just by playing on Taiko 0.5 once on February.

Well, we mentioned 'final' twice. This is because there will be no DonChare or a costume available for the month of March 2013, the tentative release month for Taiko 0 Sorairo, and these two will continue on April after Sorairo comes out. It's been a nice run, Katsu-Don!

Finally, this message by Etou in the source code of the blog, for everyone who have been racking their heads trying to unlock Many wow bang!, supposedly released yesterday with the firmware update together with Kechadon 2000.

"It's been a long time, everyone. This is the adventurer Etou"

"Have you realized? That I have been communicating with you through Morse Code all this time."

"Right, now for hints on the latest titles that have been released"

"-The method for getting them is not overly complicated at all.
 -The hints I gave in an older blog entry have not yet been used or confirmed (referring to the 'Etou-don' hint for the titles 'Fuuga's Friend' and 'Mirai's Friend'), and I will talk about two more this update.
 -The title 'Sensei, mada desuka?' (Kechadon 2000) has already had its unlock conditions exposed, and the other 'Me ni Aoba' (Many wow bang) is quite close to the first one.

"That's all for today...next week maybe the mystery will be solved...at that time...the next hin...."

"----This message has been cut off-----"

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