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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (30 January 2013) - A new HD arcade firmware!

A brand new Game Version is released today for the Katsu-Don firmware, but the Taiko Team isn't stopping at that today and reveals the March 2013 arcade upgrade in a surprise blog entry just now!

Fresh and blue! The color of the sky! This big firmware update, similar to 0.5 Katsu-Don before it, is codenamed SORAIRO, however this time the name 'Sorairo' is included in the title logo, avoiding any more confusion with the same name between arcade versions. "Taiko no Tatsujin Sorairo Version" is the full name of the new upgrade.

So what's new here? Namco aren't telling much, but there is one major change:

Ta-da!! Vocaloid songs will now be getting their own genre! From all the various genres Vocaloid has been in (Gekishou in Game Music, Shoushitsu in Namco Original, everything else in J-Pop/Variety), everything will now be grouped together into a new folder. Expect to see the amount of Vocaloid content in Taiko increase by a lot from now on!

Then, a reminder that Taiko 0.5's firmware update, Game Version 7.05, is now live (see below post), and also telling us the name of February's DonChare song, Boku wa Shinse, which will be explained in more detail tomorrow on the final day of January. Talk about being last minute!

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  1. Exactly like what I do to Vocaloid songs in my Taikojiro songlist! XD What a coincidence!

  2. That's more like it. It's getting really confusing seeing as how the Vocaloid stuff are basically scattered throughout the entire songlist. Though the advantage of the previous placing was that it at least reminded people the origins of the Vocaloid songs; now people gotta actually do their research heh.