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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (24 January 2013) - 2nd Dressup Contest Results

The contest was announced last month before Christmas and the results of the 2nd dressup contest is out now! There's a lot of images so click Read More to see them!

The strawberry costume with the red rims wins the award for cuteness, like the bouquet costume during the first contest!

Sailor Kat-chan with a matching bright blue rim wins the award for the most handsome-looking costume!

A special Kat-chan award goes to this costume of regular-colored Kat-chan being eaten by a shark.

The most delicious costume award goes to both of these Don-chans in steamboats! The first one has him in a grey-pink color because the costume creator likes salmon. The second one is somewhat a re-creation of the Yaminabe (Dark Steamboat) from Taiko Wii 5. Remember it?

This Earth costume was jointly submitted by ten people together to Namco, and wins the 'best friends' award for it!

Two other globe costumes were featured, and both Dons here are colored yellow to show a shining spirit!

Another strong-looking design with Don-chan in the Mt. Fuji costume.

Now, six more costumes under the 'Nice Concept' category.

The Sunflower costume, when coupled with Don-chan being yellow in color and some imagination, resembles a cute lion!

Don-chan's yellow face here is described as being the moon, so don't forget to buy a cheeseburger when you look at the moon (reference to 'tsukimi')

The colors on Don-chan make him look like a grassland and some water, making it look like the Slimes are arranged neatly in one line on the grass next to a riverbank.

A cup of green tea? Yep, I think so!

A great looking color to match the Samurai costume!

The Akabeko costume, coupled with a red rim to match.

And now, the three best costumes!

This Purple Rose Fusion themed-costume wins 3rd place!

Second place goes to the Forest Friends costume with a very nice nature-colored Don-chan!

First place....what's this? The costume creator intended for this to replicate the colors of the Dokon Gang's leader, Dokon, and the cat and ladle next to it represents Nyanki, one of his minions.

And that's all we have for this costume contest! You can really do more when you have more costumes to work with! (the previous contest was last year)

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