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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Made by You: 'Noise' and more

And here we go, the first feature of your custom Taiko charts of the new year! Instead of having a truckload of songs by just one person, this time is five charts by five different people.

The one on top is a self-made composition by Packer Woo, trying his hand at making dubstep music (which is not a well-represented genre of music in Taiko). This song is simply titled 'Noise'. Pretty apt for a noisy song like this. For all the noise created in the song, it does have some quiet moments, but watch out for extreme scrolltroll as there is literally no warning when it speeds back up! (the fast notes scroll slowly until the BPM changes, like in DDR) Loads of handswitch streams and 1/12 notes to make the rhythm a lot more complex.

One of many charts created by Yusri Khairi for 2013 (check out the rest at his Youtube channel and feel free to make requests too!), this song is a game music called 'Million of Bravery', the theme song of the Japanese-only smartphone game Kakusansei Million Arthur, by Square Enix. It's a card battle RPG involving the story of a million King Arthurs pulling out a million Excaliburs from their stones (...woah.) and you play as the 983067th one. I'll leave the overwhelmed part to you guys.

The music in the game is composed by Hyadain (you've probably heard some of his tributes and songs at some point) and this theme song is composed by him and sung by ChouCho, a female singer. Million of Bravery is her fourth single.

The full version of the song is used for the chart so it drags a little (about 4 and a half minutes), but it's worth it just to listen to the music; Square Enix knows how to pick an epic atmosphere for their games!

This next one is a J-Pop song, Kaze Fukeba Koi, performed by two-piece rock band Chatmonchy. Both members of the band are female (Eriko Hashimoto who sings and plays the guitar, and Akiko Fukuoka on the drums and also sings during the chorus). The song is their 8th single, released on 5 June 2008 with two other songs, and was also used in a cosmetics TV ad for Shiseido. In videogames, Kaze Fukeba Koi is one of the songs in the tracklist of Pop'n Music Portable.

So, what would this song be like on other rhythm games then? An 8* Oni according to mapper AxelHino, with streams in appropriate areas and loads of large notes right before the chorus. The notes adhere very nicely to the drumming at the back and it's quite a fun chart to play.

A custom made Ura Oni! tetsutaro's made this 8* chart for the very recently released Namco Original song Obake no Oshigoto, which is currently exclusive to Taiko no Tatsujin Wii Chogouka-Ban (a longer description of the song will be posted once we feature it as a Song of the Week!). The long drumroll in the beginning is replaced with tons of notes, and the chart in general is more streamy and has more large notes than its official counterpart.

And lastly we have a chart by CoroQuetz, another game music. This time it's 'You're Not Here', the opening theme of Silent Hill 3, and the first chart we've featured so far to have a video playing in the bottom while you play on the top, which is a special FMV made for the song by Konami.  It is sung by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn under the alias Melissa Williamson. Silent Hill as a game is one of the most critically acclaimed survival-horror series ever, standing next to Resident Evil, but unlike Resi there is much less emphasis on combat and much of your time spent in the game is avoiding things.

Again, this is a rather long song, and the only place you can find stressful clusters is past the midpoint where there are tons of kkd 1/16 clusters lying in wait. The opening part and ending part is mostly d k d k d k d k, and generally rather easygoing.


  1. Of interest to note is that Million of Bravery has an "English" version, which is MUCH harder and more fast-paced, that is actually sung by Hyadain - and honestly I feel that that version would have been much better to Taiko-ify. But a butterfly is fine too.

    Dat Silent Hill chart. Unfff. Looks so fun. If only they made a PC taiko controller lol.

    Kaze Fukeba Koi does a pretty good job of emulating what an actual Taiko chart would be like. My general rule of thumb is that a Taiko chart should be designed in a fashion where the notes will actually flow well with the song in a non-obstructive manner, so you have to actually "compose" an entirely new percussion track as well as create a fun chart. It's a very unique challenge and a lot of people don't get it QUITE right, but Kaze Fukeba Koi and You're Not Alone here get it pretty damn close.

    1. Thank you for the commentary of "Million of Bravery". Honestly, this song is the first one I found that time (from my friend's PC). Hehehe... I also find out that the English version may be too nasty to be Taiko-ified. But someday I will do the English version.

    2. Thank you for your compliments~

    3. I think osu! has been working on enabling the use of the Wii Taiko Controller. There is one such checkbox in the options for that already.

    4. I think I am the one who "don't get it QUITE right" Lol