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Friday, November 30, 2012

Taiko Wii 5 video feature

Because of the organization of the update post and also our own time testing the game itself, we've decided to dedicate one post to the new charts of Taiko Wii 5 for easy reference! Come see some of the new charts that are introduced in the game, with a brief explanation of each one. Proper descriptions will be made when these songs are put into series or Song of the Week.

The video above is Toryu Ura, which quickly gained status as one of the trickiest 9* Oni ever to full combo, not just because of long streams of notes, but because the speed up at the end contains 1/12 clusters, the first of its kind in Taiko and very difficult to hit properly; almost matching the speeds of the most dense clusters in Miku no Shoushitsu Ura and the like. Max combo is 687.

This is the new Ura Oni for the Classic song Pavane for a Dead Princess, sung by the vocalist of Kimi no Akari. At 8*, its notechart retains the plain repetitive nature of its regular mode, only with more notes in it and 2-4 note clusters. Max combo is 612.

Senbonzakura Ura, the new Miku song to hit Taiko, has a sparse 8* notechart due to its length, but has exactly 1000 notes, crossing the limit of 999. It's the second song to have 1000 notes after Telecastic fake show and third to cross the limit.

Obage no Oshigoto, one of the brand new Namco Originals in the game. A cute 6* Oni song about life as a ghost (difficulty from Kantan to Oni is 4/5/4/6). Max combo is 427.

Ramen de Yo-Men!!, the fifth de series song. Obviously continuing from its predecessor Allnight de Indenai (the last line of lyrics in that song is 'I want to eat ramen'), it is a disco track with emphasis on eating ramen. This Oni difficulty is 7* (4/4/5/7) with 487 combo.

HQ video of MUSIC, the new IdolM@ster song, which we featured in last week's Song of the Week article (and we'll update that very soon!). 6* Oni (3/4/6/6) with 443 notes.

Tanhou~Blooming~ finally gets a Ura of its own, and is a much better chart than the barebones original Oni. 8* with 585 notes.

High quality capture of Angel Halo, the insane new Ridge Racer 3D song hellbent on sinking players with uber-fast streams. 10* Oni (5/7/8/10) with 898 notes.

Houkan no Kougetsu, sequel song to Tokoyami no Mori and similarly creepy sounding. Angel Halo is in the second part of this video so you might want to skip that. 8* Oni (5/5/6/8) with 463 notes.

We couldn't find a capture video of Knitting High, so this is a regular offscreen video of the 7* Oni song (4/4/6/7). Mellow in nature and talks mostly about knitting, obviously. Max combo is 473.


  1. Ura Muzukashii, Futsuu, and Kantaan are blacked out, does that mean that those are not available?

    1. Yeah. It's a pity that they took out Ura Kantan, Futsuu, and Muzukashii.

    2. Well, I kinda hated doing twice the same song on a boring diff :D

    3. Eh I tend to not do Ura Kantan to Muzukashii either so it's not a very big loss to me :>

    4. but ura muzukashiis are great practice for songs i cant fc on oni (i dont play kantan and futsuu uras though)