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Friday, November 2, 2012

Taiko 0.5: First video of junction and other changes

Well that was fast. Two days after the new set of Don Challenge goals came up, players have already unlocked junction, the new Namco Original song (naturally Hello! Halloween from last month is now open to all players). It's a 9* Oni (difficulty set 4/5/6/9) with jazzy vibes similar to Sports Digestdon and very complex rhythm. Namco weren't kidding about its difficulty! 604 notes in total.

Other changes made on November 2 with the new firmware update:
  • Burger costume made available in conjunction with Happy Meal promotion
  • New titles added, pertaining to the Tamagotchi songs and the unlocking of the three songs below
  • dance storm and Lightning Passion, the character theme songs for Fuuga and Mirai (Taiko Wii 4) are unlockable. Both their regular Onis have been downed to 7*, though their Ura Onis remain at 9*. 
  • For dance storm, full combo Rotter Tarmination using the P1 drum, for Lightning Passion, full combo Samba Alegria on the 2P drum
  • Kaze no Fantasy is also unlockable, and downed from 9* Oni to 8*
  • To unlock it, full combo Angel Dream while wearing the 'Hero' costume


  1. Holy Ninja unlockables.
    And Holy drum-specific unlocking methods.

    But Rotter and Samba Alegria? They are not in the same release of Sampling Masters songs. Could Rumble Ranbu and Dodon ga don also be used (in the respective sense of course)?

    1. Nobody said they have to be in the same release,brah

  2. Hah, that's nothing. Not to steal Taiko's thunder, but IIDX players finished the first series of the most recent version's boss tracks, which was essentially a giant series of TEN trial-and-error wild goose chase missions in which you had to play three specific songs in the same game in a very specific way to unlock a boss song, ALL of which are absurdly difficult, and must all be completed in order to unlock the FINAL boss song... which had not even been released by the time the first players had unlocked it, because they unlocked it too fast, before the update could even be made to add the song into the game. Now THAT'S insanity.

    1. Also yeah the amount of hardcore between the two rhythm games are different. Taiko has a broader casual audience compared to IIDX.

    2. Meanwhile....almost all new boss songs in Taiko AC15+ got FC'd/DFC'd on the same day (or maybe a day or so after) they were available.It took more than half a month for Thor's Hammer to have an FC vid,and I haven't seen any FC vids of Plan 8 yet.Nor are there any of neu on IIDX.

    3. Japan, what can I say. Plus you HAVE to be hardcore and you need that dedication, to get into the higher levels of IIDX. (and lots of money too)

      Meanwhile... *still stuck on barely passing rotter tarmination ura* ARMS Y U SO WEAK