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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Song of the Week! 17 November 2012

As we get into the autumn mood, let's dive into another Taiko theme song, which is focused around this season exactly!

Kyou no Gohan wa Taiko-mori! (今日のご飯は太鼓盛り!)
Allx4 (???)x3 (???)x4 (294)x4 (382)
 Taiko PS2 5, CD Anime
99 ~153

The perfect fall season for a Taiko no Tatsujin fan? According to this song, it's about lots of drumming and eating tons of sweet potatoes and chestnuts! The console-exclusive Kyou no Gohan wa Taiko-mori (literally, Today's Meal is Lots of Taiko!) is the theme song of Taiko no Tatsujin Go! Go! Godaime, the 5th PlayStation 2 Taiko game which introduced, among other things, the Go-Go Time and the now-defunct Yam Note on console Taiko, as well as the speed modifiers for note scrolling. The roasted Japanese sweet potato ('yaki-imo', '焼きイモ') is a popular snack food in autumn, and is well-known to produce a lot of gas when eaten, hence all the fart references.

Composed by Yuri Misumi (みすみゆり), the song is sung by Don-chan's voice actress: Narahashi Miki (ならはしみき). Though the song has never been featured in any other songlist, Kyou no Gohan wa Taiko-mori! appears in one of the oldest Taiko CD soundtracks, as well as a brief easter egg in one of the Happy Meal toys from McDonalds (given out in 2009). If tapped, the Happy Meal toy named 'Don-chan Potato' (さつまいもどん) plays a brief extract of Godaime's theme song and unlocks the exact same costume on Taiko DS 3.

Kyou no Gohan wa Taiko-mori's Oni notechart has one of the lowest star ratings for a Taiko theme song. The majority of the chart has a simple march beat with 1/12 note clusters and 1/24 note clusters, and is actually quite tough for a 4* Oni, even now. The song is quite long too, and has a slowdown in the middle with a change in pattern to the more familiar 1/16 beats, making for some variety.


  1. I've waited to this song for so long! XD

    But I'm still confused, the right romanization for 太鼓盛り is "Taiko Zakari" or "Taiko-mori"?

    I'm using the later romanization in my custom notechart (and it's from Google Translate romanization).

    1. I honestly have no idea ._.

    2. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E7%9B%9B%E3%82%8A

      When read as "zakari" it means height/peak/prime or heat, which has no reason here. So "mori" (meaning helping/serving if related to meals) is probably correct.

      Also I thought the title means "Today's Meal is Taiko-sized!" (whatever that size is) because having actual Taikos for meals is not OK.

    3. Thanks for letting us know, Nigel. :D

  2. how about we actually have a chinese song as song of the week?