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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

pikaby asks: Song repeats

"Angel Dream? Again? Seriously?"

Avid players of Taiko no Tatsujin and people who buy every console version Taiko will feel this frustration and even more so recently. Songs that you loved and played to death before on a previous version is going to also be in the very next Taiko game you buy. How does that make you feel?

A few repeats are justified; the Angel Dream example above was repeated from the first Wii Taiko in the second so Ura difficulty could be added, but then it happened again in Taiko Wii: Ketteiban. And if you own a 3DS or a PSP be prepared to see even more of that song. Far from the small songlists of yesteryear, the growing size of the number of songs in a single console Taiko basically forces Namco to have at least a few repeat songs, but are they justified? Especially if they're back-to-back repeats?

Personally I'm fine with repeats being on different consoles as it ensures people who don't have one console will be able to play their favorite songs on another, but repeats within Taiko games of the same console have never been heard of until PSP and Wii. Again, this can be attributed to the huge size of their song libraries. For the back-to-back repeat songs I actually don't play them. Yep, I don't play them, unless I really feel like it. Why play them when I can do so on the version just prior to it, unless there are some new features being added? Two to three games of cooldown is fine, if they're good songs, but isn't it a bit overkill to milk the most popular songs literally everywhere just because we voted for it in popularity polls?

How do you feel about songs that are repeatedly included in console Taiko?


  1. I own all three Taiko PSP games, but I don't really want to switch between games just for a couple of songs or more that I like, so I think it's cool if the later editions of the games actually do compile all the great songs from previous games into one library.

  2. lol Back when Ketteiban was released, I was expecting it to have all the cool stuff from PSP DX. It was very disappointing to see some unnecessary repeats from the old Wii games instead of repeats from PSP DX.

    But yeah, not all the repeats of the same console are bad, I find cool to have a complete song series in just one game, even if for that 3 songs need to be repeated.

  3. I own all PSP games, all DS games, and am currently aiming for some PS2 games.
    I hate the massive amount of repeated songs (especially within a console series) because Namco definitely would be able to make new and exciting songs.

  4. NBGI do all these things, make crazy notes for songs, change degrees unfairly, sell a game with 70 songs as 100 songs....
    Mario WII's notes is awesome, but I hate it.

  5. YES i totally agree, like honestly, ketteibans songlistkinda ripped off the people who bought taiko wii two since it had so many repeats. lets see, yozakura shanikusai, angel dream (for the third time yay!), dont cut, ryougen no mai, and rotter. yeah basically the best of taiko wii 2 all gone to waste o_o

  6. Repeats in console? Namco, what are you thinking?
    Does Namco lose their creativity so they are forced to repeat the songs?
    But to be honest, for repeats in different console and several repeats of Namco Originals (especially in order to insert their Ura difficulties) in PSP and Wii, as well as repeats in the same console but different features (example: Wii2 vs. Wii4), I'm okay with that. But... NSMBWii? In Wii4? In Wii5? It's already in Wii3.

  7. I only own DS2 and DS3, which has no repeats, so I can't comment accurately. But it sucks to see the same song appear in more than one console. Kinda like being ripped off of one song quota if you bought them.

    1. Inter-console repeats don't matter very much because there's a rationale behind it (people without one console can play it on another), but within the same console is where it gets on my nerves a bit. Especially if it's more than just a few songs and for no good reason.

  8. lol I suddenly recall that old IIDX meme about V getting revived in EVERY. FREAKING. VERSION. Until the end of the styles.

    In any case I'm fine with these songs repeating an indefinite amount of times:
    -Angel Dream
    -Hyakka Ryouran
    -Rotter Tarmination

    These 5 totally deserve the indefinite repeats. I might have missed a few more songs but these are obvious choices for repeats.