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Friday, October 26, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (26 October 2012)- Taiko Happy Meals again!

It's on again! A second round of Happy Meal toys based on Taiko no Tatsujin is coming to Japan!

There are six toys in total, shown on the picture above.
  • The Bachi o Sensei toy makes sounds when a switch on their back is turned on
  • The Don-chan with the long hands directly in front of  Bachi o Sensei is a card holder
  • A cute pink Don-chan Denden toy
  • An oversized ruler (top right) with a slidable Don-chan on top
  • The Don-chan with the pink body dispenses stickers
  • The Don-chan on the lower right is a stamp (the stamp is behind, you can't see it from this angle)
There's also two sets of stickers which are given out only during the two weekends that the Happy Meal promotion is on, a letter style sheet and an Emoji sheet.

So, lots of stationary and kids' toys as usual. Will there be anything for players besides merchandise collecting? Well, McDonalds was mentioned in the staff credits for Taiko 3DS...don't cross your fingers yet though.

The set will begin on November 2 and run for three weeks (two toys per week). You can check out bigger pictures of the six toys on the website for the collaboration here.

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