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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taiko Wii 5's starting songlist

Important: Confirmed fake

As the Tokyo Game Show comes to an end, Japanese website Wikihouse has posted the titles of all the songs which were available to play. Wanna see what's new in the cauldron?

Below there are the new songs revealed:

U~U~Umauma (Caramelldansen- Speedycake Remix)(ウッーウッーウマウマ(゜∀゜))
Walking on the Railroad (線路は続くよどこまでも) (old Children/Folk song from PS2 games turned into Variety)

Thunder and Lightning Polka (ポルカ「雷鳴と稲妻」)
Symphony No.5 'Fate' (交響曲第五番「運命」)
American Patrol (アメリカンパトロール)

Game Music
Rare Hero
Kyun! Vampire Girl (きゅんっ!ヴァンパイアガール)
Nanairo Button (七彩ボタン) (latest Im@s songs)
Lovely-X (ラブリーX)

Namco Original
Numujika ac.10 (ヌムジカac.10)
Senpuu no Mai- Heaven (旋風ノ舞【天】)
Senpuu no Mai- Earth (旋風ノ舞【地】)
Love You☆Don-Chan (ラブユー☆どんちゃん) (really old song from the 1st arcade)
Sports Digestdon (スポーツダイジェスドン)
Reviver (リバイバー)
Kechadon 2000 (ケチャドン2000)

Along with lots of Wii repeats, we can also see other arcade-exclusive songs which will make their console debut with Chogouka-Ban, like Reviver (Chata's new Namco Original from the latest arcade).


  1. Dodon Ga Don plssssssssssssssss...
    ...plsssssssssssss (with ura plssssss)

  2. I'm glad to see vampire girl is on wii. I thought it would be only on 3DS a few days ago.

  3. Im looking forward to it x3 Caramelldansen ftw o.O

  4. Replies
    1. We have no way of knowing yet. I'll check further to see which of the three reports can b trusted (yes, I got three different songlists. Jesus.)