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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[RUMOR] Another batch of songs for Taiko Wii 5

Important: Confirmed fake 

"レポまとめ 版権追加なし バラエティにウマウマ、線路は続く、ハローキティー何とか(忘れた)
ナムコ 旋風天地、ヌムジカ、消失、ラブユー、スポドン、蟹蟹(マジドリかも)、切るな、ケチャ、リバイバー"

The post above comes from 2chan, where someone allegedly has had a peek at the Taiko Wii 5 starting songlist. This list contains a few songs not in Wikihouse's list. The new additions to Chogouka-Ban's starting rostes (marked with bold characters) are:

-) A new song about Hello Kitty in the Variety genre (the author doesn't remember the title)
-) A new Classic song with a long Kanji title and some other unnamed songs for the Classic and Game Music genre
-) The return of The Carnivorous Carnival on Wii (remember, Kanikani is the nick used by Japanese fans for referencing the song)
-) In brackets next to The Carnivorous Carnival, The Magician's Dream is coming too, though it's a bit ambiguous being in brackets

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