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Friday, September 14, 2012

Hole in the wall lyrics

Composer, lyrics: Akitaka Toyama (遠山明孝)
Vocals: Kani Prince

Note: Lines in parentheses are vocoded lyrics.


ある日ふと考えてみた (aru hi futo kankaete mita)
(追いかける事の意味) (oikakeru koto no imi)

交差してため息混じり (kousashite tameiki majiri)
(それぞれ想い行き交う) (sorezore omoi ikikou)

いつか見えるよ (itsuka mieru yo)
大切な友達を信じて (daisetsu na tomodachi o shinjite)

昨日明日いつもずっと (kinou ashita itsumo zutto)
ナイスバルクな仲間 (nice bulk na nakama)
壁に大きな穴が (kabe ni ooki na ana ga)
開いたら分かるよ (aitara wakaruyo)

昨日明日いつもずっと (kinou ashita itsumo zutto)
パンプアップで進む (pump up de susumu)
きっと通じる気持ち (kitto tsuujiru kimochi)
突き抜ける僕ら (tsukinukeru bokura)

English translation

One day I just started to think
(about why I am chasing)

Sighs crossing each other, mixing
(every thought crosses each other too)

Always I see
All my precious friends whom I believe in

Yesterday, tomorrow, always, forever
Partners with nice bulk
The big hole in the wall
Open it and divide the wall in two

Yesterday, tomorrow, always, forever
Go forth with pumped-up physique
Always the good feeling of passing through
We break through

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  1. Next time try putting a note saying that the lines in parentheses incidcate that they are vocoded lyrics