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Monday, November 21, 2011

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii Ketteiban update post

Glaroid Room begins the Wii 4 updates two days before release! We'll be covering this all the way past release day where hopefully we can get some good footage of new songs and such. Spoiler alert!

40 updates. Taiko 0's update post is right below and still running in case we get anything more!

40. Thanks to UltimatePisman and other Youtube users, we can add to Wii 4's list a few more videos: Nijiiro Yumeiro Taikiro (new), Hello! Don-chan (new), Love Letter, Kaizou Sentai Gokaiger, Wanya World, Rhapsody in Blue. Almost done!
39. HQ capture videos of Jingle Bells 765, Muscle March, Concerto in F Major, Maru Maru Mori Mori, Blue Rose Ruin, Usavich, Lightning Passion, Venomous.
38. First video of Dance Storm (Ura). The long, fast big drumrolls being used to conceal notes is also a recent trick that's come out of just being on Wii Dojo challenges.
37. Shimedore 2000 finally confirmed, unlocked by 300 plays, like Joubutsu in Wii3. This is its first appearance on a console Taiko.
36. Mulberry confirmed unlocked by our very own Lokamp, through 10 DFCs (Donder-Full Combo), bringing the number of songs to 105. This is also the first time DFC is used on Wii to unlock anything.
35. First video of Hakuchou no Mizuumi ~still a duckling~ (Ura). Indeed frightening, at a base BPM of 240, even all those simple clusters become a death challenge. 10* with 861 notes.
34. New difficulty stars will be reflected in the songlist soon. Note that a lot of songs that made debuts at Taiko 0 actually have raised stars in Wii4.
---November 23--- (Release day!!)
33. First video of Usavich Medley -Taiko no Jikan-. 571 combo. Look at those BPM shifts...this song is going to be annoying to play. Based on the notes I'd say it's an 8*
32. First video of Kinniku no You na Bokura, the 4th Muscle March song. Looks like an 8* to me (can't check difficulty stars). 587 combo, with one odd long string of notes at the back.
31. First video of Pokemon Ieru Kana? BW. Can't see the difficulty rating, but the chart looks like 7* to me edit: confirmed at 7*. 363 combo.
30. First video of Dance Storm regular Oni. 8* with 644 notes.
29. After some counting, the current total number of songs in Wii4 is 104 songs sans Mulberry.
28. Glaroid still hasn't encountered six of the confirmed songs (four mentioned in update 26+Blue Rose+Shimedore). Maybe later? Glaroid still hasn't confirmed that the missing two Uras are out of the game yet, though I think it's highly unlikely they'll show up anymore.
27. Counter MAX confirmed, and the largest number of Ura diffs to ever hit a console. Venomous and SASURAI Ura are absent, sadly. However! The songs which receive Ura difficulties are!
Etude Op.10-4
Hakuchou no Mizuumi ~still a duckling~ (dark horse of the lot, with frightening BPM shifts. 10*, 861 notes)
Ridge Racer
Angel Dream
Hikari no Kanata e
Rotter Tarmination
Taiko Time
Kikyoku (no more wrong offset)
Yozakura Shanikusai
Senpuu no Mai (AC version)
Fuun! Bachi o Sensei
Kita Saitama 200
dance storm
Lightning Passion (both at 9* and 765 combo)

Total Uras: 16 (6 old Uras, 10 new to Wii including 3 exclusives) (or 15 if you want to be technical about Kita200)

26. Kita Saitama 2000 unlocked, Fuun! Bachi o Sensei, Yozakura and Mata Saitama 2000 confirmed. No sign of Ryougen, Tenyou, Scroll Mika or Rotter yet. Or any of the Uras. Okay, if all the songs here are confirmed true we've already easily gone over the limit!
25. Brand-new Namco Original, Kaze no Naka ni Su o Kufu Kotori (風のなかに巣をくふ小鳥). Namco is a big fan of crazy long song names now, eh? By the way, the Knight costume in the picture is obtained by clearing the Tales of the Abyss song, as is the case for the Miku costume (World is Mine) and the Felyne costume (MHMedley)
24. Glaroid has just gotten to the Taiko counter at 60000 and 76500, and unlocked Mekadesu, Numujika.ac10, Yuugao no Kimi. (there's also this riddle he posted about Mulberry but it's too vague to tell if it's in the songlist or he's just having some fun). Promises another blog at 12:02 with new Namco Originals (probably My Mine edit: confirmed).
23. You get a congratulatory message for clearing 100 songs. Screenshot above.
22. 'ヘ調の協奏曲 第3楽章' is called 'Concerto No.3 in F Major' and 'らいとにんぐぱっしょん' is simply 'Lightning Passion' in full hiragana.
21. I don't know where Mata Saitama 2000 fits into all this but it's on wikihouse, and the total number is past the 100 mark already...101/100

20. Note: No confirmation yet on the two random gameplay mods.
19. There is actually a Story Mode of some sort in Taiko Wii 4.....remember the Famitsu scan from update 2? The big pink text on the bottom with 'Fuuga' and 'Mirai' in it? That's the one. Don't know what you get from it other than the theme song though, Glaroid clustered everything into a single post without naming unlock methods so.
18. Wikihouse's list of rumored Uras at the moment: Etude, Ridge Racer, Hakuchou no Mizuumi, Kagekiyo, Hikari no Kanata e, Kita Saitama 200, dance storm, Lightning Passion, Taiko Time, DON'T CUT, Yozakura, Kikyoku, Rotter, Senpuu, and the last song is very strongly rumored to be Shimedore.
17. Kikyoku ~Seasons of Asia~ and Densetsu no Matsuri confirmed...again. Is the last song Shimedore? 100/100
16. Wow, Glaroid stayed up all the way till 3am just to play Wii4...even if there are things he missed out I guess it's only fair that he rests for a while.
---November 22---
15. Sounds like an old friend is back, but with different clothes... Glaroid Room says that the 200th play unlockable is Joubutsu 2000, now written with a more conventional writing (成仏2000). No sign of Ura yet... 98/100
14. Confirmed 2 unlockables from the latest songs: Blue Rose Ruin and My Mine! But still no traces of Ura modes... 97/100
13. From wikihouse and Glaroid Room other unlockable old songs have another sight on Wii 4: EkiBEN 2000, Hataraku 2000, Koibumi 2000, Haya Saitama 2000, Ryougen no Mai, Tenyou no Mai, Rotter Tarmination, Fuun! Bachi o Sensei, Scroll Mika, Numujika ac.10 and Yozakura Shanikusai. We're near the end! 95/100
12. Glaroid Room has finally reached the "end" of the game with watching Kettei-ban's credits and unlocking the theme song Momoiro! Taiko Paradise. 85/100
11. A couple of new unlockable songs! The Namco Original Rai to nin gu Passhon (らいとにんぐぱっしょん) - punny title for Lightning Passion - and the new Classic song Concert Adjustment Third Movement (ヘ調の協奏曲 第3楽章) approach the songlist. Proofs above. 85/100
10. Another new Namco Original, Itoshi no Miru-sama (いとしのミルさま) 83/100
9. More secret songs. Glaroid is on a roll!
Classic- Le Tombeau de Couperin
Namco Original- Garyoutensei, Kurofune Raikou, Hyakki Yakou 82/100
8. New Namco Original: 'dance storm'. 8* Oni. 78/100
7. More secret songs
Classic- Underneath the Two-Headed Eagle, Funiculi Funicula, Stars and Stripes Forever
Namco Original- Go Go Kicchin, DON'T CUT, Ego Ego Atakushi, Hikari no Kanata e 77/100
6. New Classic song, Jupiter, which has not been seen since PSP1. 70/100
5. New Namco Original not seen anywhere else, Dadakko Monster (駄々っ子モンスター) 69/100
4. New secret songs:
Variety- Russian Folk Medley
Namco Original- Taiko Love!, Taiko Time, Allnight de Indenai 68/100
3. Glaroid Room finds songs that are in the opening list but not on the Wii4 website.
Variety- Jingle Bells 765 Version
Classic- Etude Op.10-4, Pomp and Circumstance
Namco Original- Wanya World, Tsukikage SASURAI, Hyakka Ryouran, Bachi no Onna, Senpuu no Mai, Saitama 2000
Koibumi, Kita Saitama, Blue Rose Ruin, Mekadesu, and Momoiro Taiko Paradise are not in the starting lineup. 64/100
2. A scan on Famitsu confirms Monster Hunter Medley (new), Mekadesu and Hello! Don-chan to be in the songlist. 55/100
1. Before we begin, Namco has said that Wii4 will be using the difficulty standard from Taiko 14, so no drastic difficulty reductions will be here.
---November 21---

We know 52 songs from the beginning list. Counting from there now.




  3. How disappointing... this game has the right cards to become the worst Wii game ever made D:

  4. If they bring some of the new ac. unlockables it still would one of the best taiko games.......

  5. Eh? Will dance storm be a sequel to mint tears? It has non caps (But it's very unlikely)

    @LJ: If it uses the Taiko 14 star rating, it's very unlikely...T_T

  6. All I care about right now: joubutsujoubutsujoubutsujoubutsujoubutsu.....
    Well, on the AC anyway. Because Joubutsu + Detarame = Profit.

  7. We don't even know if Deta will be on Wii, given it's still using the old build.

  8. Neither URA Venomous nor URA 月影?Come on, we don't want some thing like Kita200...
    I guess the URA songs must be more than 10 songs...if not....

  9. Somehow I misread the last update,I thought Lokamp wan't JOUBUTSU to have an ura.Mfw?No just no,of course.

    @Saturn Light: I don't think dance storm sounds like a dormir song's name…unless Tomosuke's going for another style here.(ZEKTBACHZEKTBACHZEKT(ry


    (i want dodon ga don :3)

  11. Awww shiet! Joubutsu is back baby!
    Now to wait for detarame mode, and all will be well.

  12. In fact, all god songs are in. ALL, BABY


  14. ugh they better have detarame >={. i want to play(fail) hataraku and yarawaka sensha<-(if they have it =P) already

  15. Hataraku/Joubutsu/Shimedore/Ryougen + Detarame = My body is ready

  16. [any batshit insane song] + Detarame = My body is ready

  17. @betawatcher: YEAH I WANT IT TOO

  18. Usavich Medley -Taiko no Jikan- is 7*.

  19. So why isn't anyone updating this with the Mulberry unlock? Lokamp confirmed it to be 10 Perfects (not sure if he means FC or DFC)

  20. The 10 DFC Mulberry unlock is a little iffy.
    I did 10 DFCs and did not unlock Mulberry. I don't know if I missed something (pretty sure I didn't) or if there's a hidden requirement besides the 10 DFCs.

  21. Still squeeing like an idiot over Blue Rose Reunion.


  22. Isn't Mulberry actually unlocked by getting 40000 on the taiko hit counter?

  23. .....................

    I don't have time to play the game further right now. So... orz.

  24. Just got this game ISO for Wii :D
    Imma unlock most of the songs in one day >:3
    So fun~ :D

  25. I've been uploading a few random songs with my HD PVR (songs are not in HD, but are higher quality than those shown here). You're more than welcome to use them if you so desire :3. My YT channel is Admiralvic1

  26. @admiralvic: Do you take requests? We need a few missing vids actually.

  27. First Best Wishes video, by me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN_lO16iSQ8
    Also, first direct feed video of Can You Say All Pokémon?! BW, by me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlzhNIwwv6A

  28. @Yami: I appreciate your efforts but the majority of the videos in our site are of the Oni difficulty so it would be best if you could provide videos from there. If you find it difficult, well there's always Autoplay to help you while you record~

  29. I'll do that, as soon as I unlock Oni.

  30. Here you go:

    And some extra songs, just in case you want them:

  31. Confirming: Mulberry is unlocked at 40000 Hit Counter

  32. @Yami: Wow your captures are quite crisp compared to a lot of other people. Thanks! Will add them when I come back on Monday night.

  33. Mulberry IS unlocked on 40k Taiko Counter.
    I've never done a DFC and have it. lol
    (DFC = Full Ryou FC, right?)
    Anyway, I only have 6 FCs.

  34. Yeah the DFC thing is Full Ryou~