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Friday, November 11, 2011

New Taiko no Tatsujin update post

ARE YOU READY? Release date is now upon us, and this post will contain video links and semi-live updates whenever we get them!

80 updates.

80. HQ recordings of other songs's mp3 are kindly brought us by Youtube user inopii. Aside most of the already-covered tunes by hisuispep2008, we can also find Samba Alegria, Growing Up and Chiheisen no Aeolia!
79. LQ video of Super Mario Bros., now with new custom dancers/scenario. Try to spot to which SMB level belong the several 'block patterns' behind the Italian plumber's gang!
78. First HQ video for Marble Heart, Taiko 0's final (...for now?) unlockable song.
77. First HQ videos for Hayabusa and Tsukikage SASURAI Ura.
76. New HQ videos swarm! We're talking about Hey, Mr Professor, MATSURI D/A, Dodon ga Do~n (regular Oni), Danba Danba Din Dan (with different custom dancers and scenario), Tanpou ~Blooming~, Reviver and Alborada del Gratioso.
75. Finally someone has solved the riddle about how to do HQ recordings with the New Taiko arcade! The youtube user hisuisep2008 has managed to get some Hi-Quality recordings for Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu and 3Q-4U-AC00. Keep up the good work, hisuisep2008! We're all counting on you!
74. Even the last 2 unlockables revealed so far are recorded! Here they are:
      -) The Magician's Dream, 8* Namco Original instrumental. Dreams of hi-speed return once again!
      -) Marble Heart (マーブルハート), 6* Namco Original with lyrics, vaguely resembling Yumeiro Coaster. Will it be the final song unlockable?
73. First video of Hayabusa, new 9* rock tune. Behold the shocking scrolling speed!
72. New Ura Swarm! Samba Alegria Ura and Tsukikage SASURAI Ura videos are now available. Both the Inner Onis have 9 stars and 765 notes.
71. First video of Omoi o Te ni Negai o Komete, 7* Oni with 581 combo.
70.  Hayabusa 9* Oni, Marble Heart 6*, The Magician's Dream 8*, SASURAI Ura 9*, as seen in the screenshot above. No further info yet.
69. Alborada del Gracioso, the Ravel song in Classic from Taiko Wii3 is confirmed unlockable in this handy unlock list from 2ch, bringing the total number of secret songs so far to 20.(Kaze no Fantasy is noticeably absent, and there's a contradiction in Dodon ga Do~n...we'll have to get more info)
9000 太鼓ラブ (Taiko Love)
18000 虹色・夢色・太鼓色 (Nijiiro Yumeiro Taikoiro)
24000 パステルドリーム  (Pastel Dream)
36000 サンバ アレグリーア  (Samba Alegria)
42000 Growing Up
48000 わんにゃーワールド (Wanya World)
54000 3Qー4U-AC00
63000 Venomous
69000 ヘイ、ミスタープロフェッサー (Hey, Mr. Professor)
78000 綻放 (Tanpou)
96000 リバイバー (Reviver)
99000 道化師の朝の歌 (Alborada del Gracioso)
108000 ドドンガド~ン (Dodon ga Do~n)
110000 想いを手に願いを込めて (Omoi o Te ni Negai o Komete)
114000 ザストゥールの魔導書 (Zastohl no Madousho)
120000 月影SASURAI (Tsukikage SASURAI)
126000 The Magician’s Dream
129000 隼 (Hayabusa)
135000 マーブルハート (Marble Heart)
---November 19---
68. The amount of Don Points needed to unlock Dodon ga Do~n! is confirmed at 105,000 points
67. First video of Venomous's regular Oni. Even this 9* challenge hits 765 notes!
66. Wikihouse has listed some of the rumored new songs which have still to be unlocked by Japanese players. Among the songs of the list there are three new songs:
-Hayabusa ()
-Marble Heart (マーブルハート)
-The Magician's Dream
All the three tunes are supposed to be Namco Originals.
65. First video of Kaizou Sentai Gokaiger (1/2/2/4), the last new Anime song.
64. The first new Namco Original gauntlet is here! Dodon ga Do~n (ドドンガド~ン) (4/5/7/8) brings high basic BPM values for frenzied play! But the worst nightmare arrive with its Ura mode (video found by Living Jelly), where exhausting streams and Angel Dream-like situations collide with high speed! 10 stars and 876 notes for Ura Oni.
63. Insistent 2ch rumors confirm the unlocking of Kaze no Fantasy and Tsukikage SASURAI's Ura mode! Also, Zastohl no Madosho got a confirmed star decrease to 8*.
62. First video of Love Letter, the last new J-Pop tune in the new arcade. 5 stars on Oni.
61. First video of New Taiko's Tutorial.
60. New Namco Original generically titled 'Dodon ga Don' found on someone's profile in the Donder Hiroba. No info yet, but it has a Ura mode. Another one called 'Omoi o Te ni Negai o Komete' can be seen a little further up the list.
59. Zastohl no Madousho and Tsukikage SASURAI confirmed unlockable. Conditions and difficulty stars (if revised) currently unavailable.
58. Correct name for the new Kikyoku is 'Tanpou ~Blooming~'. 'Zhan Fang' is the Chinese pronunciation.
---November 18---
57. As Day 2 ends, today's updates are reported both on the official songlist and in the Special Numbers section.
56. Confirmed 9 stars for Venomous's regular Oni. Still, no videos of it... (By the way, Venomous Ura has the Nam-combo value as Max Combo)
55. Nicovideo strikes twice! Another couple of tasty unlockables are on the way
      -) Reviver (リバイバー), another new Namco Original with lyrics. Ratings 3/4/5/8, and reaches 765 notes on Oni mode. Unlockable with 93.000 Don Points.
      -) VENOMOUS URA! The new Ridge Racer 3DS tune is the first non-Namco Original unlockable. Swapping between custom scrolling sections and some Hataraku moments, Venomous's Ura Oni has 10 stars, and so far is the first new one with that rating (3/5/6/?/10). 66000 Don Points to unlock.
54. First video of Hey, Mr. Professor from Nicovideo, new Namco Original awarded after 75.000 Don Points! 7* on Oni.
53. First video of Nijiiro Yumeiro Taikoiro's new Oni notechart (3/5/4/6). 390 notes on Oni for the oldest Taiko OP's notechart revamp.
52. Next to MATSURI D/A in the song selection screen (video below), we can spot another couple of unlockables: Wanya World and Hey, Mr. Professor (ヘイ、ミスタープロフェッサー). No info about the latter Namco Original yet...
51. Even MATSURI D/A is a reality! New 8* song with other 1/6 and 1/4 combined streams.
50. First video of 1 Dream, Danboru Senki's OP theme. Don't be scared of the high scrolling speed, the player wanted to ramp up this 5* tune's difficulty with scrolling modifiers!
49. Some of the past rumors are getting real... Tanpou ~Blooming~ joins the ranks of the Kikyoku songs with reminiscent vibes from Zeihen and Kikyoku itself. 445 notes and 7* for its Oni.
48. New Taiko confirmed to be running on the Namco System 357 board processor, which was based off a PlayStation 3.
47. Someone on 2ch asked a question about difficulty stars for secret songs, apparently not knowing about Samba Alegria. But everything else he mentioned was intriguing. Are they real?
-綻放 (new Kikyoku?)
-サンバ アレグリーア
-サンバ アレグリーア裏
46. Confirmation of yesterday's difficulty findings: Yawaraka Sensha Ura down to 9*, Angel Dream and Pastel Dream down to 8* (not maintaining at 9*)
45. Atarashii Hikari's combo can finally be counted. 9* with 999 notes, just like Punishment before it. 9mm are on a roll!
---November 17---
44. New Taiko's songlist has been updated with all the latest star ratings and secret songs discovered so far . However, videos of the new songs will not be posted, as long as HQ recordings aren't made!
43. First video of Danba Danba Din Dan, the new YMCK collab song. 683 notes for its 8* Oni.
42. First video of the 2nd AKB48 new song: Everyday, Kachusha. 6* Oni and 630 notes for this musical tribute to all the victims of the March 2011 Japanese earthquake.
41. First video of Maru Maru Mori Mori, the only new song in the Variety genre. Kantan mode has forked paths, and its Oni mode has 4 stars.
40. Another Don Point unlock hides the return of a recent song series. The 8* 3Q-4U-AC00 breaks the standards of the ac. series for being the first with lyrics and no confusing note clusters, no full stop in the title and AC is in caps. 539 notes on Oni (maybe this is why players are calling it Taiko 0)
39. First video of Samba Alegria. The regular Oni has 7 stars and 619 notes.
38. First video of Growing Up, one of the new songs achieved by Don Point unlock. Thanks again to Living Jelly for the find!
37. Taiko Love is unlocked after filling the Don Point bar three times, a total of 9000 points.
36. First video of Hacking to the Gate (difficulty 2,2,3,6), 362 combo on Oni, videos of Taiko Love (revised difficulty 2,1,4,5) and Sanpo Ura (1,1,4,5,9, Kantan has Papa Mama support)
35. First video of Best Wishes, the Pokemon BW OP (difficulty 2,2,2,4). Max combo could not be counted. (video removed by the user, but there's lots more where that came from!)
34. Shunyuu ~happy excursion~ has not been downgraded and remains at 8*
33. Closer look at the replacement to the Yam Note, the Kusudama Note (no English name equivalent exists other than the literal translation 'medicine ball', unless you want to use the name by Super Smash Bros, 'Party Ball')
32. First video of Chiheisen no Aeolia (difficulty 4,6,7,7). 563 notes on Oni with a rather un-7* like stream at the end. Can't tell anymore with the new difficulty standard, lol :3

31. 4th secret song unlocked by Don Point accumulation (screenshots above). New Namco Original called Samba Alegria. If someone knows what 'Alegria' means, please clarify~ Difficulty is 4,6,6,7 with Ura Oni 9*
30. First video of La La La Sweet Precure (difficulty 2,1,2,5, Kantan has forked paths). 316 notes on Oni.
29. Second video of Kaze wa Fuiteiru, AKB48's new song (difficulty 2,3,4,5). 448 notes on Oni.
28. Namco Original difficulty evidence video.
27. Love Ikusa down to 8*, Mekadesu down to 7*, Garyoutensei down to 8*, Kare Kano Kanon down to 8*, World is Mine down to 8*, Le Tombeau de Couperin down to 8*, Phantasie Impromptu down to 9*, Heaven and Hell down to 6*
26. Anime song left out: Hamtaro Tottokou Uta is back on arcade. Will recount total number once things have settled.
25. Gake no Ue no Ponyo down to 2*, Anpanman no March down to 1*, Odore Dore Dora Doraemon Ondo 3*, La La La Sweet Precure 5*, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger 4*, 1 Dream 5*, Guts Guts 5*, Tougenkyou Alien 6*, Motteke Sailor Fuku 8*, Hamtaro Tottokou Uta 6*. That should be all that changes in Anime, though I will double-check later.
24. Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe down to 3* Oni, Kiseki 2*, Ikenai Taiyou 7*, Kurenai 8*, Karon 6*, Uso 6*, Rain 7*, Love Letter 5* (new), TRAIN-TRAIN 5*, Punishment 9*. All other J-Pop songs keep their difficulty on Oni.
23. First video of Atarashii Hikari, the new 9mm Parabellum Bullet song (difficulty 5,6,8,9).
22. Don-chan's voice has gotten a lot louder, isn't it? :P
21. First video of Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -Gekijouban-. Difficulty stars already known. 765 notes, confirming 2ch report. (btw this player calls the new arcade Taiko no Tatsujin 0). Thanks to Living Jelly for finding this video!
20. First video of Tales of the Abyss (difficulty 5,6,7,8). 693 notes on Oni.
19. First video of Maximum The Hormone, new J-Pop song (difficulty 5,6,7,8). 8* Oni. Has a very nasty speedup portion towards the end. Max combo could not be counted as the player failed and did not show result screen.
18. First person to Full Perfect Connect.
17. Brand new Namco Original, Growing Up, confirmed as Don Point unlockable (difficulty 3,5,5,6). 6* Oni, no playvid yet. Evidence above (from 2ch)
16. Taiko Love (an old theme song) is confirmed as Don Point unlockable. 5* Oni.
15. Play videos of Red Rose Evangel, Ao no Senritsu, and New Taiko's first unlockable song, Pastel Dream. Unlock conditions related to Don Point accumulation.
14. First video of Connect, the Madoka Magica OP (difficulty 3,3,3,5). 5* Oni, 344 notes.
13. FIRST VIDEOS AVAILABLE HELL YEAH! We're talking about:
      -) My Mine, one of the new Namco Originals with lyrics. 6 stars and 635 notes on Oni.
      -) Kaze wa Fuiteiru, one of the new AKB48 songs. 5 stars on Oni and 448 notes.
12. At the moment, Show Done Kai, Haya Saitama 2000 and Kita Saitama 200 are deleted from New Taiko's songlist until further confirmation.
11. 2ch update: confirmed 8* for Kare Kano Kanon and 6* for Nijiiro Yumeiro Taikoiro's new notechart.
10. According to the official list, Hare Hare Yukai will get a Ura mode (2P chart); the other 2P Ura songs are also marked in the list as well (LISTEN TO THE STEREO!! and Soul Calibur II).
9. Official list confirms Kurenai, Mekadesu and Red Rose Evangel Ura is a hoax. The only new Uras are those seen in Wii3 and PSP DX (so far). Don Engasu no Fuefuki and Off Rock make a return.
8. Official songlist. Kikyoku ~Seasons of Asia~ and Garyoutensei make another return. Difficulty revision unknown.
7. 2ch update: Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu at 765 combo. Identical to Red Rose then.
6. 2ch update: Saitama is 7*, not 8*. Punishment down to 9*. Rotter Tarmination 8*
5. 9am and so far no videos yet.
4. New Taiko Blog post about Taiko HQ's release and the opening of its official website, where it is already published the starting songlist.
---November 16---
3. Um....anyone here think we're still going to see new songs by tomorrow? Cause we already have 143 songs in the default list. Maybe, just maybe. We'll see.
2. Rumor post with KURENAI URA and other exciting things. How many of these will be true?
1. Scoring system revamp, as seen on the Red Rose Evangel video on UStream
---November 15---


  1. ENGASU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad to see it's still alive.

  2. ...please Namco, give us back the old "song clear" jingle! The new one is sooooo crappy.

  3. Ura Venomous seems not hard, without scrolling it is just a 9* under the new rule....easier than Punishment

  4. 85% of the songs in the arcade have the 765 combo.. O_o

  5. Samba Alegria, a brazilian song? o_o
    Im from Brazil, I hate samba but it´s quite amazing!! :3

  6. YES FINALLY ANOTHER TALES SONG! The Arrow was Shot..eh, i wish it's Awkward Justice instead of that song...oh well.

  7. @intelectuando
    Nahh. It's a Namco Original. (I'm from Brazil too, btw =p)

    @whoever edits this XD
    Alegria means happiness, in portuguese.