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Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Red Rose Evangel video

Courtesy of yesterday's UStream. If you haven't watched the UStream yet, we'll be preparing an update post on everything that went on there, but for now, enjoy the 3rd Rose song! And of course, see the new Taiko HD interface in motion!

Red Rose is 9* on Oni with 765 notes (hard to count from the video though)

EDIT: From the video it looks like that new scoring system is in action too. As mentioned before in a few other posts, points are now awarded Shinta Mode-style and are no longer based on long chains. But you still get a bonus of 10,000 points for every 100 combo you achieve.
-Drumrolls are now only worth 100 points per hit instead of 300
-Balloon notes are still 300 points per hit and the 5000 point bonus for breaking it remains


  1. Naw, I like Black Rose best D: But the beginning & end of red rose sounded pretty awesome.

    (i felt red rose music is the kind of music i'd normally hear from other rhythm games...)

  2. Red Rose Evangel! Although I couldn't hear it...

    Looks like the scoring method used in New Taiko is the mixture of Chain Combo and Shinta Mode. According to the video:

    1-9: 640 points
    10-29: 810 points
    30-49: 980 points
    50-99: 1320 points
    100 onwards: (if I'm not mistaken) 1000 points!

    1-9: 420 points
    10-29: (around) 510 points
    30-49: (around) 610 points
    50-99: 810 points
    100 onwards: 1200 points!

    (Looks like New Taiko doesn't use the same score difference just like in previous arcades.)

    And... It now has "song clear" message too, instead of just "full combo" message.

  3. @betawatcher That's because it's Tatsh.(heck,Senpuu will fit perfectly in a Bemani game)

  4. @Yusri: We'll have to wait for release date for full confirmation on scoring then.

  5. I like White as much as I like Red though. Then I like Black the best so far.

  6. So basically for me:

    Tenyou > BRA > Ryougen > Senpuu > WRI = RRE

    Not like it's indicative of anything since I like all of the songs so far.

  7. ...and I'm not sure if crystal hasn't noticed but I have this weird obsession with pianos

  8. @Crystal I only noticed this cos I went scouting for youtube videos of Bemani games recently. I could see that each rhythm game has their own style of music... (smooooch・∀・ :3)