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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (10 November 2011) - Introducing the Donder Hiroba

Link to Banapassport website. (updating data in here will prevent data loss in the case that a player loses his or her Banapassport)
Link to Donder Plaza website.

After yesterday's UStream session, the Taiko Team opened a specialized website for Banapassport users to make full use of the features in the new arcade. The Donder Hiroba (ドンだーひろば, "Donder Plaza" in English) acts like a headquarter for all the unique Banapassport features.

There are seven main features in the Donder Hiroba:

1) Don-chan customization

Here you can change your profile name, costumes, Don-chan's colors and add a personal comment.  

2) Checking total Don Points

Forgot how many points you ahave obtained from your playthroughs in the arcade? Check it here! Remember you accumulate Don Points based on how much you fill the Tamashii Gauge when you play.

3) High scores / Crowns 

The Donder Plaza will allow players to see their best performances in each song in a similar way to console games, with all the details shown on the Results screen imported here. Above is an example of this feature with the new Hatsune Miku song.

4) High Score Rankings

Both provincial and national high scores are recorded for each song, so players may compare their scores with the rest of Japan.

5) New Friend List system

Have you ever met a "Taiko rival", or another drumming friend on your arcade adventures? Now it's possible to track down your friends' names, in order to get updates about their arcade performances and more!

6) Battle Score Challenges

Up to 15 players may compete among themselves to achieve high scores in specific songs. More goodies awaits the winners!

7) Twitter support

Like Taiko 14 and iPhone, there is social network support with Twitter.

Designed as a Taiko Dojo Update, the Donder Plaza can be accessed with a PC, smartphones and mobile phones! All a Banapassport user must do to join the ranks is to sign up at the Banapassport website. The NAMCO ID and password will act as login data for the Donder Hiroba.

Today's Taiko blog entry closes with another announce: the new arcade's official website is going to be opened! On November 16th (New Taiko's release date), the website will be fully operational.

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  1. Aww man, this looks so awesomeeee.

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    1. Too bad it's only for Japan region.

    2. Wait, so your comment is only viewable to Japanese people?