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Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Taiko x AKB48


You thought the recent surge of AKB48 songs on J-Pop, the 10th anniversary collab song (Kaze o Fuiteiru) and the TV advert for Taiko Wii 4 were it? Nope, Taiko's love affair with the band hasn't ended yet!

From November 16 onwards, buy any one of the 4 products shown above (Taiko Wii 4, the Wii Tatacon, Taiko PSP DX or Taiko DS 3), and you get two things from Namco: a special autographed poster of AKB48's girls (size B2) and a card with a serial code on it that lets you view the making of the Taiko Wii 4 advert (of all things). Good if you're an AKB48 fan.

No info on how you're supposed to use the serial code to see the video and where, but maybe that's for a later date.

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