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Friday, October 21, 2011

Taiko no Tatsujin Plush

Even Banpresto are getting in on the 10th anniversary celebration by reissuing a new version of Don-chan and Kat-chan plush toys (for $32.90 each, eep...)! They're the same company behind the goofy Taiko hats made a few years back. Too bad that isn't being remade anytime soon. More pics here.


  1. It's 5 feet/150 cm tall!!
    Must want!!

  2. Oh wait...I think its not 5 feet...orz

  3. It's 5 inches...
    Gawd how did I messed that one...I'm not used using inches so....>.> Shoot me naawww

  4. 12 inches = one foot orz

    Plus a 5 foot plushie would be so difficult to hug XD

  5. But it would be epic. If they made one that was 5 feet tall, I'd buy it immediately.

  6. I found a bunch of these at goodwill for like 2 bucks.