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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Song of the Week! 15 October 2011


Due to the unanimous decision made by the Taiko Time staff, a song is going to leave a series page for the first time! The sole Variety song on the Medley series will be taken out and put here, since after some discussion we decided the main purpose for the series was for videogame medleys. Not to mention there are so many non-game medleys that would fit!

Since it's just copied over here though, there's a second features song unrelated to it. It's one of your requests!

Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before/After Medley (大改造!! 劇的ビフォーアフターメドレー) ---Old---
Taiko 13x4 (134)x5 (173) x7 (381)x8 (569)
Taiko 13

Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before/After Medley (大改造!! 劇的ビフォーアフターメドレー) ---New---
Taiko Wii 5, Taiko +x4 (114)x5 (149) x7 (326)x9 (483)
 Taiko Wii 5, Taiko +

This medley is made up of music used in a popular variety TV show Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before/After,  which is quite popular in Japan.

Aired from October 2006 by TV Asahi, the reality show involves home improvement, where a group of carpenters and designers renovate and brighten up old, dilapidated homes for people. Sounds like the Japanese counterpart of the American program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, doesn't it? In the first two seasons of the show, over 165 houses and 200 hotels in Japan have received the blessings of chief Takumi (匠)'s carpenter squad. The collective work they've done so far is worth over 40 million yen!

The variety show's first opening theme (named "Inscrutable Battle") was re-arranged and sped up for Taiko. The final result is an instrumental song with quite a tough rhythm to grasp and many, many streams especially towards the end (a trend preceded by Nanori (Tenjou) among others), making this one of the toughest 8* Oni songs that isn't in Namco Original.

Since Wii 5, the medley changed to a shorter cut, with obviously less notes (more than 15% removed for Oni). Yet with how hefty the original challenge has been, this is the only chart to have gained a star in its Oni rating for such a large reduction of notecount, and into the new AC0 standards no less!

 Inscrutable Battle Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before/After (大改造!! 劇的ビフォーアフター)
Taiko 3DS 3x4 (54)x5 (70) x7 (185)x9 (274)
 Taiko 3DS3

Chief Takumi's Taiko legacy lived on the third Nintendo 3DS videogame as a piece of downloadable content, although if the original medley was striped of the middle part in order to only leave the Inscrutable Battle theme in a playable state. Despite the audio cut, the recycled note patterns from the original medley are still rated the same as the most recent outings of the "full" medley!

Sousei no Aquarion (創聖のアクエリオン)
Allx3 (103)x4 (134) x5 (219)x7 (361)
Taiko from 11 to 14 (excluding Asian versions), 0, Taiko DS 2, Taiko PSP DX, Taiko 3DS 2, Taiko PS Vita, Taiko +

Original Opening theme

After the dark and depressing, yet immensely popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, another science fiction-based anime started to gain momentum in the industry. This is Sousei no Aquarion (name of the anime as well as its first OP theme), known outside of Japan as Genesis of Aquarion, a mecha-apocalyptic series written by Shoji Kawamori.

Produced by Satelight between 2004-2005 (and in 2009 in the US), its 26 episodes tell about a future where enemies known as Shadow Angels (堕天翅) have decimated planet Earth's population. The only hope of survival for the rest of the humans is the legendary giant mecha Aquarion (アクエリオン) and a 15 year-old boy, Apollo, the re-incarnation of Aquarion's original pilot. Two year after the anime ended, an additional film was released, Gekijouban Aquarion (劇場版アクエリオン), and a sequel to the anime series is currently planned, named Aquarion EVOL (アクエリオンEVOL).

This opening was performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra for the first 17 episodes of Sousei no Aquarion. Its main singer is AKINO, a nickname for Akino Kawamitsu (川満 愛希信), while the OP's composer is Yoko Kanno (菅野よう子). The first openings of Macross F (Triangular and Lion) and Cowboy Bebop (Tank!) are also proudly produced by this musician (and all of them are for Taiko)

The 7* Oni of Sousei no Aquarion has many plain and common 3-note clusters The Go-Go time's Big notes also assures high score potential even for rookie players. Just as the anime show directly references the past Japanese mecha novels, Cruel Angel Thesis's Ura Oni features part of Aquarion's Go-Go time patterns on its Normal path as well.


  1. Not sure if I already said this, but...
    I request Doom Noiz as SOTW.

    And talking about unfitting songs in song series, I would say to remove Rumble Ranbu from Taiko Ranbu series.

  2. It was initially rumored a "sweep" series with Rumble Ranbu and Rotter Tarmination as well, but for a concrete Namco Original song series we need a minimum of 3 already-released songs, or 2 songs with some pre-announces, like what happens for the hiyama and Rose songs.

    Stay sure if there'll be a "sweep3" around here, it will have two new page companions ;3

  3. ^ Two songs are acceptable if there is a very apparent connection between the two.