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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Site announcement: All done!

Finally after months of slow updating and painstakingly cross-checking each and every song to make sure nothing went wrong, all the songlists in both arcade and console have been moved over to the new table format. Fixed along with it are all HTML redundancies and difficulty star errors. Previously what we did was copy/paste every song and their difficulty numbers onto every song list, which proved to be folly since there were many minor changes to non-Oni difficulties most people won't notice. But switching to the new format gave us the opportunity to double-check those mistakes, and many glaring ones were fixed as well, such as song names being typed wrongly or missing from the songlist altogether.

The Ura Oni icons and forked path icons are being used in full force, and the C-Pop genre in Taiko 11 and 12 Asia had artist names added and all translated titles in this genre were replaced with their original pronunciations in Chinese, bringing it up-to-scratch with the rest of the site.

However! No one can ever be too sure, so if you spot an error on the songlists, be it difficulty mistakes, title mistakes or broken videos, just contact us the usual way!


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