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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random: Horse Drum Master

The mad things Japanese do with their free time, seriously. There's no trick to it; all you have to do is play Taiko while wearing a goddamn horse head, rendering everything unseeable. Basically it's a much fancier way to play the arcade while blindfolded, and I got to admit, this does attract a lot of attention, being the crazy trend it is. Why horses though?

I'd wear a deer head myself, cause horns are smexy.

^ lol video title

White horse this time

Haha, who said you could only be horsing around on the arcade?

Horse Tank Ura. I can't imagine ever Full Perfecting anything wearing that; I'd be laughing too hard to even try to pass!

More horse videos should feature people dancing like nutcases during the play, lol.


  1. Black Horse Apostle. lol
    Too funny.

    And the horse head is some sort of a meme in Japan, I think. That's probably why they choose to use that instead of other things.

  2. Black Horse Apostle, Ryougen Horse no Mai, Horse Tank... I've totally missed this crazy trend among pros lol

    "I'd wear a deer head myself, cause horns are smexy."

    ...you mean, like TonyTony Chopper? xD

  3. The horse trend goes beyond just taiko though. You can see plenty of people doing dances and stuff while wearing horse heads.

  4. I just cover my eyes with a cloth when I am playing by blindfolding.
    This is what I recorded last time:

  5. I remember that I saw these videos long time ago. Though the black horse apostle is new xD

  6. uh, do horse heads really render you blind?

    I mean, in a recent UMvC3 tournament which I forgot when, there was a special feature in which the loser has to wear a horsehead for the entire tourney. And you can never play a fighting game blind, so...

  7. Also I'm pretty sure playing like this compared to being blind won't make much of a difference :>


  8. Ahh umm I don't think they render the people blind...
    and horse heads just mean anonymity in Japan:

  9. Wear rabbit/ cat masks~ Girls will come to you.

  10. I could FC Saitama 2000 like that, but only because I've goddamn memorized the entire chart lol.