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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Taiko no Tatsujin x Mobile Suit Gundam

Catching up on old news! Released on December 11th in 2009, Namco created a special version for i-mode phones which was a collaboration with the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam. Like the Yahoo! Mobile version, this one features some special outfits from the Gundam anime, such as cannons and Gundam pins.

Obviously, even the four songs packed from this version all come from the Gundam anime; together with the old opening theme Tobe! Gundam (翔べ!ガンダム), there are three other songs which are exclusives for this game, and never released elsewhere: Nagai Nemuri (長い眠り), Kyuchi ni Tatsu Gundam (窮地に立つガンダム) and Tatakai e no Kyofu (戦いへの恐怖). The four songs have their custom dancers as well.

This package costs 315 yen.

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