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Monday, September 19, 2011

Site announcement: Taiko Time forums

Yep, it finally happened. Taiko Time now has its own discussion forum! Go sign up, introduce yourselves and talk about whatever!

It was originally planned as an extension to the giant Taiko discussion topic over at osu! but later expanded after it was decided that sticking to the same name, Taiko Time, would make for a better generalization and make it easier to identify. Thus, the forum is officially linked to here after about a month and a half of planning. The beatmap download topics are still devoid of download links, but this is being worked on.

It's still not complete though, because we want you to join! Come on, let's make this forum a success! Click the new button on the sidebar to go in!


  1. I have a bundle of TJA files for Taikojiro


  2. maybe we should make a subforum for taikojiro?

  3. Seconded,since Taikojiro's a -hueg- thing in the taiko community