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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random: maybe many of us were guilty of this one time?

Hi guys, Zekira G. Drake here. Just found something amusing... lol This is a GIF from a popular anime. Notice anything too familiar?
It does not help that the pens seriously look like styluses.

Trollmode activate


  1. K-On. lol Never actually saw the show.
    Anyway, I'm always doing that, albeit with my hands and fingers instead of pens.

  2. You can tell that she is drumming in the tune of gekishou lol

  3. It still looks like air-Taiko DS'ing to me 8D

  4. I do that sometimes unconsciously with my fingers

  5. I practise RT ura notes in class with my fingers when I'm bored XD

  6. I do that with my fingers too.. Looks like is a obvious case of... TAIKO CURSE

  7. If I do that with my fingers my father will scold me because that's a bad habit(which I don't know why)

  8. Lol as for me I actually find myself drumming K.Sai's go-go with either my fingers or my hands.

    As much as I despise the chart, I must admit that it's my second biggest TnT trauma as I played that song to NO END; the first god song I played yet the last god song I FC'd, go figure...

  9. Well, she's a drummer in group after all, lawl.

  10. looks like the taiko curse spares no one. CANT STOP TAPPING 0_0