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Monday, August 15, 2011

TT 1st Anniversary quiz: Answers

Okay I've stalled announcing the results for long enough, and it's time to close entries! Before I get to the results, let's check out the answers to all 20 questions.

1) Aside from Taiko no Tatsujin, Namco helped to develop another drumming rhythm game which was published by Nintendo and features a certain mascot character from Nintendo. What game series is it? Name 6 songs which both Taiko no Tatsujin and that game have in common.

Donkey Konga, a series of rhythm games released on the Nintendo GameCube, featuring Nintendo's ape mascot Donkey Kong. Namco has had prior experience with the rhythm game genre while Nintendo was known for making sturdy hardware. Hence, the bongo controller included with the game was made by Nintendo, while the software itself was coded by Namco. 2 games were released in English, with a 3rd remaining JP-exclusive.

The complete list of songs shared between JP versions of Donkey Konga and Taiko are: 

DKonga 1

Turkish March
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G Minor
Galaxy Express 999
Ai no Uta
Advance Adventure
Mori no Kumasan
Clarinet no Kowashichatta

DKonga 2

Odoru Pompokorin
Doraemon no Uta
Danzen! Futari ha Pretty Cure
Monkey Magic
Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger

DKonga 3

The Entertainer
Katamari on the Rocks
William Tell Overture
Babel no Tou

2) By counting the 70 basic songs and the 10 promo + Ura ones on Taiko PSP DX, what is the highest Max Combo value that can be reached with 8 songs on Medley Mode?

Add the 8 songs with the highest combo number on the game. 
  • Kurenai- 999 notes
  • Hatsune Miku no Gekishou (Ura)- 999 notes
  • Punishment- 999 notes
  • Etude Op.10-4 (Ura)- 948 notes
  • Rotter Tarmination (Ura)- 943 notes
  • Ao no Senritsu- 933 notes
  • Black Rose Apostle (Ura)- 915 notes
  • Black Rose Apostle or KARMA (Tatsujin Mix)- 876 notes
Total: 7612 notes.

3) The first DS Taiko has a fatal bug which would crash the game irreversibly if all three profiles has Don-chan in a costume. A patch for the game was released to fix the bug. When did the distribution of the patch end?

The patch distribution ended when DS1 became officially out of print on December 27th, 2010.

4) Name 14 songs that have only appeared on arcades once, as of Taiko 14+, 2 for each of the genres J-Pop, Anime, Variety, Children, Classic, Game Music, Namco Original.

There are many, many examples of this, as long as the two songs you listed are only in one arcade then you are correct.

ultra soul / UNITE!

DIVE TO WORLD / Hamtaro Totokou Uta ~Nori Nori de-Chu~

Te no Hira o Taiyou ni / Amazing Grace


Rusland and Lydmilla Overture / Surfside Satie

Game Song

Namco Original
Kidaruma 2000 / Shimedore 2000

5) Triple-number bonanza! Name three songs which have a max combo of 333 in Oni/Donderful mode.

Getchu! Love Love?! (Taiko PS2 5)
Hug Shichao (Master Notes) (Taiko 8 to 10)
Mori no Kumasan (Ura, 2nd player)

6) I'm looking for a particular song, but I can remember only a few details:

-) There are 202 Kat notes, and 3 of these are big notes;
-) 1/3 clusters occur during the song;
-) There is a single Go-Go Time zone.

Do you know what song is it?

Tokoyami no Mori

7) The previous leader of the Taiko Team was Takahashi-san. When is his birthday?

This was revealed on Soroban 2000's morse code, on the Oni difficulty in Taiko Wii 1. It's April 20.

8)Name five songs in Taiko no Tatsujin made by Ikimono Gakari.

Kimagure Romantic, Kimi ga Iru, Joyful, Arigatou, Blue Bird being examples.

9) Metal Hawk, this week's Song of the Week, has specific requirements in order to change path. But can you name other 3 songs which have a similar requirement? What is the requirement?

All songs with other specific requirements to pass to Master Route are accepted, whether by drumroll (Garyoutensei series etc), by accuracy, which is the example given in the question (Saitama 2000, OOdain, Taiko Time etc) or by ignorance (Soroban 2000)

10) In 2009, three songs were said to be released using a second secret code of Taiko 12, which is non-existent and is actually a fan-made April Fools joke which spread like wildfire. Name the three songs.

We've never covered this before so this is a question that can be answered only by the most avid of Taiko fans.The three songs said to be released on Taiko 12 were Xenon ac.12, Gift Cosmo Card, and Tenka Kobu (天下鼓舞). On April Fools day of that year, false notecharts were made for the first two on Wikihouse again and again and were deleted many times by frustrated admins.

Pikaby's screenshot quiz

Song 1: Sanpo (Ura)

Song 2: Ego Ego Atakushi

Song 3: Tentai Kansoku

Song 4: Tank! (Ura)

Song 5: Carmen Prelude

Song 6: Stage 0. ac11

Song 7: Many wow bang! (Ura)

Song 8: Koi no Maiyahi (Dragostea Din Tei)

Song 9: Obsession Latino

Song 10: Ridge Racer (Ura)

And now, the results!

Screenshot quiz: 9/10

Screenshot quiz: 10/10

Yusri Khairi
Taiko quiz: 5/10
Screenshot quiz: 6/10

Taiko quiz: 10/10
Screenshot quiz: 10/10

Taiko quiz: 4/10
Screenshot quiz: 1/10

Perfect score from anongos and Simon! Good job, everyone else! I'll make sure everyone who submitted an entry get a prize of some sort. Just hang on for a few days while I prepare it. It will be sent to the email address which you guys sent me the entries with.

Thank you for joining and for supporting us through our 1st anniversary!


  1. If only I did this good on Chemistry exams. lol

  2. I would participate the screenshot quiz but I wouldn't know where to start with..:P (even though I have taikojiro) orz

  3. Good job to anongos for getting everything right in both quizzes :)

    (That Many Wow Bang really looked like X-DAY to me except the score increment was off...)

  4. I would participate but I was too lazy to search.. xD

    Xenon ac.12... ac.12... @~@

  5. OH FIGURES: I have played only 2 of the songs in the screenshot quiz (Sanpo, Ego Ego, and Dragostea). No wonder I couldn't get it.

  6. It's all about knowing where to look. You're not really going to go through all the games for those songs, are you? Take cues from the interface and narrow down your search that way. Use the combo count and notes only after finding out where to look. As for the Wii songs, I found out that at least two of them where from the same YT channel, so I just kept looking until I found a cat playing, then went from there. :p

    #10 on Lokamp's quiz? Again, know where to look. lol I figured if Lokamp and pikaby know about this, it's most likely in the osu! thread as well. After I saw Gift Cosmos Card being mentioned, everything else was easy.

  7. I also had a bunch of free time, so...

  8. Even if I can narrow it down to a game, I'll have to scan through an entire library of 50 to 70 songs. Remember, I haven't played most of these songs orz

    Yes I'm a dick that way in that I only play songs that I like lol

  9. A lot of the lurkers on my thread should know #10 actually. Well, at least Gift Cosmo Card anyway, since there was a point where I mapped a music-less notechart for it, based off the fake one on Wikihouse.

  10. I could only guess the Wii songs in the screenshot quiz. (I knew the others were from arcade/ PSP but I don't know where to start looking...)

  11. I just can't believe I can't guess Ego ego atakushi X3 It's just so obvious

  12. @Zekira: I only play songs that I like as well. In fact, I DID go through each notechart on wikihouse (once I narrowed down which installments to look at). That's why I added the last point that I had A LOT of free time.

  13. I play every song I ever have at least once, even if it's ones which I don't like (so I know what Buru-chan, Negaigoto Puzzle and Youkai Dochuu Ki Ondo look like)