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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sneaky look at Taiko arcade 2011's release date

As someone can remember, we have seen on July some posters and images about a new Taiko arcade flyer, whose technical features promise to be centuries far from the previous arcades. (Click here if you have missed this post!)

Thanks to lepidopodus, a fellow Taiko fan, we have found a website where the new machine can be bought, also listing some interesting information:

1) According to the web page, this new Taiko machine will be released on November this year. The site also points at Monday the 7th as its release date, but is still unconfirmed.

EDIT: After two months, the release date is officially postponed to Wednesday the 16th!

2) Its selling price easily reaches astonishing peaks: while a new Taiko 14 machine costs about 278,000 Yen, the new Hi-tech version can be bought for 998,000 Yen (Holy guacamole, it's about 4-5 times more expensive than the current model!)

True though, that revolutionary advances in tech always costs a whole lot more. It's going to be hard waiting for this one...well there's PSP DX's monthly new downloads to tide us over!


  1. 'former' isn't the right word as he is currently a Taiko fan. I think the word you were looking for was 'fellow'...

  2. Slow down, my mental Thesarus for English terms isn't perfect yet xD

  3. Can you clarify on the trade in price? I still don't get how that works.

  4. That's the exact website where the original posters were taken from....I must have forgotten to put in the rest of the info.

  5. I want to give up hoping this'll be coming to my country already. OTL

  6. @betawatcher: you and I the same. Actually, I've given up ever since I knew about Taiko back in 2008 (9?), ugh...