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Friday, August 5, 2011

Site announcement: Songlist redesign

Finally I don't suck in coding HTML! Okay, maybe I still do, but at least I've figured out how to make the songlists into neat, space-saving tables instead of the long messy lists everyone has been accustomed to over the past year. Check it out!

If you haven't yet noticed, Taiko PSP DX was the first songlist to receive this new change for testing purposes, and so far it's turned out well. The few things that have changed are:

1. The genre header is now in large font.
2. The difficulty icons no longer load multiple times because of the table
3. The table has a faint background picture.
4. Ura Oni icon! That red circle you see is used for denoting a Ura Oni diff, and it generates a lot less messy HTML code than splashing red all over it (trust me, it was hell cleaning it up). There's a green and blue one too, which you'll see eventually.

What was not added was:

1. Any method to sort the songs by difficulty/name, etc.: Sorting here is more difficulty than on Microsoft Excel because the tables are self-made and not generated by a software, and Blogger doesn't know what to do with them. To sort them would mean making a separate copy of the songlist with the changes made and that is tiring for us. Maybe in the future we could consider this, but for now it's an idea.
2. Anything to denote forked paths. I've been mulling it over the past day and figured maybe an icon would work well for this. I'll try sometime soon.

Anyway, go to the PSP DX songlist and see the new format- also give any suggestions or critiques you might have so we can further improve it! Thanks in advance.


  1. Nice design ! It'll add some fresh on the website !

  2. "it'll add some fresh"

    Insert obligatory Shishamo comment here