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Friday, August 26, 2011

Rinda wa Kyou mo Zekkouchou lyrics

Composer: Yuri Misumi (みすみゆり)
Vocals: Linda (not Linda AI-Cue)


モニターに向かう (Monitā ni mukau)
リンダは ロボ・戦士 (Rinda wa robo senshi)
やっぱりアキバが聖地なの? (Yappari akiba ga seichina no?)
最近はOtabaも聖地なのかな? (Saikin wa Otaba mo seichina no ka na?)

ゼビ語作るキミ 語尾に「ってゆう」って言う (Zebi-go tsukuru kimi gobi ni `tteyuu' tte iu) 
「ちなみに」も口癖でマックス・ハート★ (`Chinami ni' mo kuchiguse de makkusu heart★)
アニメ・コミック・特撮が栄養源 (anime comic tokusatsu ga eiyō-gen)
夢世界で萌え萌えするのだw (Yume sekai de moe moe suru noda w)

今日もガスト・ノッチなキミ (Kyō mo gasuto notchina kimi)
輝いてる (Kagayai teru)

English translation

Looking at the monitor
Linda is a robot warrior
Akihabara is the holy land is it not?
Otaba also recently became a holy land?

You made the Xevious language, you add 'tteyuu' to the back of everything you say
'Incidentally' is another of your favorite phrases, max hearts ★
You live and breathe anime, comics and live-action shows
Your dream world is full of cuteness and moe *laughs*

Today, you are also 'Gusto Noch' (Xevious language for 'in perfect form' or 'zekkouchou, 絶好調')
Shining away

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  1. This is officially the nerdiest song ever

  2. "Otaba is also recently become a holy land?"

    Excuse me for noticing, but that sounds really broken.

  3. Oh, and why is "tokusatsu" translated as "special effects"? I think "live-action shows" suit it better judging from the context.

  4. This is officially the nerdiest song ever X2

  5. Never thought the lyrics would be so... otaku-ish XDDD


    Yup, (initially my dictionary came up with 'SFX' as translation too) basically shows like Ultraman.

  6. Kay, I fixed the bit about the live-action shows.