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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pavane for a Dead Princess lyrics

Vocals: Ayano Yasuda (安田彩乃)
Original composer: Maurice Ravel

Note: As these are not the official lyrics supplied by Namco and are written down by fans, this is subject to change in the future.


あぁ 黄色の髪を揺らし あぁ 小さな靴をならしながら (aa kiiro no kami o yurashi aa chiisana kutsu o narashi nagara)
踊る君のパヴァーヌ (odoru kimi no pavane)
あぁ 柔らか風のように あぁ 鮮やかな月の様に (aa yawaraka kaze no you ni aa azayaka na tsuki no you ni)
凛とした君のパヴァーヌ (rintoshita kimi no pavane)

常しえに 忘られぬ 在りし日の歌 ここに (tokoshie ni wasurarenu arishi hi no uta koko ni)
夢でまた聞こえてる きみのこどう (yume de mata kikoeteru kimi no kodou)
途切れず 今もいるよ (togirezu ima mo iru yo)

あぁ 黄色の額の中で あぁ 小さく裾を広げながら (aa kiiro no gaku no naka de aa chiisaku suso o hiroge nagara)
笑う君のパヴァーヌ (warau kimi no pavane)

常しえに 忘られぬ 在りし日の笑み ここに生きてる (tsuneshie ni wasurarenu arishi hi no emi koko ni ikiteru)

さぁ 踊ろうよ 手を差し出した 僕に (saa odorou yo te o sashideshita boku ni)

English translation

Ah, (your) yellow hair swings around, ah, while your little shoes tap on the floor
Your dancing pavane
Ah, with the appearance of the soft wind, ah, with the elegance of the brilliant moon
Your dignified pavane

Forgetting all that is normal, here, to the tune of a song of the olden days
I can hear the sound of dreams again, the beating of your heart
pauses, even now

Ah, in the yellow picture frame, ah, the small hems (of a dress) looks so wide
Your laughing pavane

Forgetting all that is normal, smiles of the olden days are born here

Alright, let's dance, reach out your hand to mine

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  1. I love this song, it's so sweet <3 I just have that feeling this song isn't so noticed cos it isn't in the Namco Original genre/ not a difficult 9*/10* song.

    I love the Ravel series <3

  2. Some romanization corrections:
    鮮やかな月の様に - azayaka na tsuki no you ni
    常しえに - tokoshie ni

    I feel like drawing now...