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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mulberry / Taiko Time Ura first videos

Mulberry is sung by Chata, who previously lent her voice to Yuujou Pop, a really sweet, upbeat Namco Original from Taiko 12.5. We can't really hear the music on this video, but I expect great things from it when the HQ videos start rolling in!

As for Taiko Time Ura, as expected by nearly everyone, uses the notes from the final Dojo challenge in Taiko Wii 3, including the confusing deathstream at the very end. It was easy on Wii due to the low BPM, but here? Probably not. No more strict Master Notes, which is good, and it's appropriately much harder. Taiko Time (the blog) now has an awesome and difficult song as its main theme!

No point in looking for Karui Zawameki, as no major changes were made to it from Taiko PSP2.


  1. How about we make our own 'Ura posts' now? Lol?

  2. If you have anything to say in the source code, go ahead :P