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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Song of the Week! 12 February 2011


As suggested by crystalsuicune past weeks, this time it's the turn of an Ura song! Let's see what is it...

 Black Rose Apostle
Taiko 14+, all consolesx5 (150)x7 (207) x8 (370)x10 (822)
Taiko 0, Taiko Wii 5x5 (150)x6 (207) x8 (370)x10 (822)
 Taiko 14 +, Taiko 0, Taiko Wii 3, 5, Taiko PSP DX, CD Full Combo

Black Rose Apostle is one of the new 10* songs introduced with the 3rd Wii Taiko game. It was first shown on a test build screenshot of the then nearly complete game, showing staff scores,where a  "tle" shows up among the other songs which were not revealed.

Black Rose Apostle comes from the hands of Zeami, the mysterious father of the 'No Mai' songs. His wish to create a gothic-styled song was granted thanks to the worthy collaboration with Eto, the leader of the Taiko Team staff (Zeami composed the song, Eto made the notes). Zeami made the song to have very high difficulty, pictured in his comment on the official Taiko Team blog.

"Dance like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee!" (蝶のように舞い、蜂のように刺すが如く)

The sheer difficulty of Black Rose Apostle truly embodies the spirit of the famous boxing quote. Black Rose Apostle's fast BPM provides a frenzied play between slower/faster scrolling speeds (beware the final 2 notes), continous 3, 5-hit clusters and a bit of past Taiko history. Many note patterns resemble the notes in the Go-Go Time of Punishment (whose notes are also made by Eto...see the connection there?), the only 10* Oni J-Pop song so far for Taiko games.

 Black Rose Apostle
Taiko PSP DX, Taiko Wii 3x5 (209)x7 (314) x8 (563)x10 (915)
All arcades, Taiko Wii 5

x10 (915)
 Taiko 14+, Taiko 0, Taiko PSP DX, Taiko Wii 3, 5

While the regular version's note patterns belong to Eto, the composer itself - Zeami - has taken care of the Ura notechart. Featuring more notes, no faster scrolling unlike in regular Oni, and many more tiring streams at the end, this is slightly harder, but not by much.

At the beginning, people have tried to push Black Rose Apostle Ura into the level of the four Taiko god songs, but ultimately it fell short because it was just a bit too easy for that, though it is still a huge challenge in its own right.


  1. The link on 'No Mai Songs' failed.

  2. Also, we should totally coin the 'Zeami Beam', as seen in BRA Ura, Senpuu AC, Ryougen. Heh.

  3. can next weeks song be mekadesu or in the zone?

  4. Good purposes, but next week is already booked: our blog admin has a secret pick for our readers ;3

    By the way, Mekadesu is already planned for a Mekadon week on late 2011, alongside with another secret tune... but let's stop lurking secrets!