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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feature: Character Relation Chart

You know you haven't lurked the official Donder website enough if you haven't seen this beaut. It's a comprehensive (for the time) relationship chart for nearly all the characters in the Taiko series! Of course, since this was made a long time ago, naturally several familiar faces we know now aren't in the chart, including:

-Professor Otowa and his assistant, and Arumi-chan/Dr. Waruru with all robots from Taiko Wii 2
-Dokon Gang from Taiko DS2
-Kodama from Taiko Wii 1
-Ponko and all related characters from Taiko DS3
-Green and yellow drums from Taiko Wii 3 (their names don't stick. At all.)
-FRIGGIN MEKADON (and Meka-Katsu)

The above is a translated version of the chart, done by me. Click on it to see it full-size and study each person's significance in the series! It's the little things that make it more fun. Albeit a bit geeky.

If I were to expand the chart I would try to include those characters, especially Mekadon, on it. His is pretty easy to figure out- if you've played the later PS2 games you know who made him and how. Don't know about Meka-Katsu though. The rest of them don't seem to have any intricate relations with characters outside of Don/Katsu.

The original chart and all characters still belong to Namco Bandai, of course. All I did was translate. The original in Japanese (in .pdf format) can be found here.


  1. Squid is a lost child? Seriously?

    Where's our Taiko novel then :D


  2. Jon was a lost puppy but Inu was not... they were brothers that got re-united somehow? Pretty epic if you ask me.

  3. It said 'maigo' under Squid, so 'lost child' then :P


    Wada Inu is tetsuo's stepmom? ...okay...