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Monday, January 10, 2011

Taiko no Tatsujin: Go! Go! Godaime unlock list

Oni difficulty - Get 8800 Don Points

Taiko Sounds
Soiya (ソイヤ) - Get 500 Don Points
Rap (ラップ) - Get 2200 Don Points
Cash Register (レジ) - Get 5000 Don Points
Fart (おなら) - Get 16000 Don Points
English (えいご) - Get 30000 Don Points
Sukeban (スケバン) - Get 42000 Don Points
Strong Man (力士) - Get 58000 Don Points
Tower of Druaga (ドルアーガの塔) - Get 76500 Don Points
Cooking (料理) - Get 100 takoyaki in the minigame 'Takoyaki Panic'
Race (レース) - Get home in 25 seconds or less in the minigame 'Dash de Kitaku'
Burp (ゲップ) - Steal 8 or more dango in the minigame 'Dango Daisakusen'
Super Fart (超おなら) - Get to the goal in 40 seconds or less in the minigame 'Imo Kutte Pu'

Shishihagemai (シシハゲマイ)
-Get 1200 Don Points
Konya wa Homi (今夜はホーミー)
-Get 3500 Don Points
Violin Concerto in Re Minor (ヴァイオリン協奏曲ホ短調)
-Get 6800 Don Points
Garyoutensei (画竜点睛)

-Get 12000 Don Points
Koibumi 2000 (恋文2000)
-Get 22000 Don Points

Doron Mode - In a new profile, set Master (ますたぁ) as the profile name
99999 Don Points - In a new profile, set Taikono (たいこの) as the profile name, then change it to Tatsujin (たつじん)

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