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Monday, January 10, 2011

Taiko no Tatsujin: Atsumare! Matsuri da! Yondaime unlock list

Oni difficulty - Get 8800 Don Points

Taiko Sounds
Soiya (ソイヤ) - Get 500 Don Points
Rap (ラップ) - Get 2200 Don Points
Cash Register (レジ) - Get 5000 Don Points
Fart (おなら) - Get 16000 Don Points
English (えいご) - Get 30000 Don Points
Sukeban (スケバン) - Get 42000 Don Points
Strong Man (力士) - Get 58000 Don Points
Potter (陶芸家) - Get 76500 Don Points
Summer Vacation (夏休み) - Eat 4 watermelons in 35 seconds in the minigame 'Suika de Pupupu'
Super Fart (超おなら) - Launch 70 or more fireworks in the minigame 'Uchi Age Hanabi'
Burp (ゲップ) - Eat 50 cups of rice in the minigame 'Donburi Dondon'
Snore (いびき) - Get more than 1800 points in the minigame 'Heli Made Todoke'

Buru-chan no Oyatsu (ブルちゃんのおやつ)
-Get 1200 Don Points
Thunder Ceptor Medley (サンダーセプターメドレー)
-Get 3500 Don Points
Onpu no Uta (音符の歌)
-Get 6800 Don Points
Rare Hero
-Get 12000 Don Points
Kechadon 2000 (ケチャドン2000)
-Get 22000 Don Points

All songs unlocked - In a new profile, set Taitatsu (たいたつ) as the profile name
99999 Don Points - In a new profile, set Master (ますたぁ) as the profile name

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