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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Song of the Week! 1 January 2011


What a coincidence. After the Saturday which fell on Christmas Day, this Saturday is also an important day..it's the first day of a new year! And for this occasion we've chosen yet another special song.

Bouken-biyori (冒険日和)
Taiko PSP 2x4 (125)x5 (222) x6 (351)x8 (506)
Taiko PS2 7x4 (125)x5 (222) x6 (349)x8 (506)
Taiko PS2 7, Taiko PSP 2, CD 2008

Opening movie

The morning breaks, lights peeps through the curtains, waking Don-chan, Kat-chan and Tetsuo up. He opens the curtains and in comes the shining sunlight of a winter morning! Thus begins the seventh and final PS2 Taiko game, with a Christmas/New Year theme to it. Bouken-biyori (Good Weather for Adventure) is its opening theme song, and is one of the few Taiko theme songs not sung by Don-chan's voice actor, Miki Narahashi. It was composed by Oogami Masako (大上昌子) and sung by AYAKO. The lyrics give an idea of the overall game progression of the search for the legendary Taiko Towers.

Tougher than most Taiko theme songs due to many 5 and 7 note clusters, and is one difficulty star higher than the average 7*. Although an excellent song in its own right, it was overshadowed by its own ending theme, Densetsu no Matsuri. Unlike that song, Bouken-biyori has never seen a release outside of Taiko PS2 7 and Taiko PSP 2.

Although it is Nanadaime's theme song, Bouken-biyori actually made its first appearance on Taiko PSP2, where Bouken-biyori arrived as a downloadable song even before Nanadaime was released, to promote the game and help its sales. This Portable preview also featured some of the 7 towers of Taiko Nanadaime's Story mode as the background for the dancers.


After Normal Clear is achieved, the background changes to reveal the title logo for Taiko PS2 7...


and when the Tamashii gauge is full, the Lantern Eel shows up holding a banner of Taiko PS2 7's release date, 12/7. December 7!

the image


  1. Brouken Hiyori woooh

    The only opening theme that took me more than 10 tries to FC ffffff

  2. Also to note, Bouken Hiyori's chart already existed in the PSP DLC before PS2-7 even came out. I think it was used as promotional content; on full Tamashii Gauge, Unagi was holding up a banner saying December 7, which was the release date of PS2-7.