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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Mysterious 1STPAI

A secret hidden deep within Taiko no Tatsujin Wii 2, accessible only by the Taiko Team themselves and hackers who rip the disc and extract everything in it. On the surface, Taiko Wii 2 has 70 songs, but there's actually one more song deep in the program code. It isn't playable, cannot be unlocked, has completely no data. The only thing this creepy song has is an ID, '1STPAI'.

You'd be forgiven for not even calling it a song at all. It's a horrific, crazy mixture of footsteps (the same footstep sounds from Taiko DS3), screaming people, then followed by a remix of Wrath of Requiem and cackling noises, ending with the whole song rewinding on itself and the footsteps again. This is one nightmare-inducing song.

The voice in the middle repeats the same phrase 'youkai' over and over, and together with the footstep sounds, it is speculated that 1STPAI was intended as a teaser to the soon-to-be released Taiko DS3 (Dororon! Youkai Daikessen) for those who could work their way into the hidden corners of the Wii2 disc.

1STPAI. The horror.


  1. "1ST" like "First" and "PAI" like... the begining of the name of the successor of the 2000 serie ?

  2. oh god this is horrifying. reminds me of joubutsu2000. i bet this would make a challenging song if it was playable

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Not just the song itself, I swear to god that picture is creepy as ****.
    On a side note, what did that message by Taiko Team mean in English about 1STPAI? The one crystalsuicune posted.

    Found out: press the light fixture in Don-chan's room for Taiko DS3(keep holding it).

  5. @Kirumi: I don't think so lol :P

    taiko_team @akki0716 さて、どうでしょうカッ?1000コンボを超えると曲
    6 days ago in reply to akki0716

    You mean this? It says something like 'well, how? A song that exceeds 1000 combo is the sudden 1stp...*ding-dong*...Hm? Who could that be coming in the middle of the day. Alright already I'm coming out~...'

  6. Also, the picture isn't an official one, but just something edited with the DSi Photo Channel

  7. this is so creepy... is it for real, or just an urban legend? maybe it's to put people off ripping it...