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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Taiko Wii 3 new Ura Oni video collection

Taiko Wii 3 delivered another big surprise to Taiko fans when the song list was fully revealed- not only did it have more Ura Oni difficulties than its predecessor, but there were seven new ones not seen on any other arcade before it! (Taiko Wii 2 simply ported old Ura Oni difficulties and didn't introduce any new ones). Not including the 2000 song replacements in Taiko 12.5, Wii 3 is the current record holder for most Ura Oni difficulties ever made on a single Taiko version (if 14 doesn't break that record). Many of them are upgrades of old songs or harder versions of fan favorites. And unlike Taiko Wii 2, the lower difficulties of the Ura versions are not regular notes, but completely new ones (i.e. Ura Muzukashii ≠ regular Oni, Ura Futsuu ≠ regular Muzukashii). More effort was definitely put into crafting these seven alternate notecharts.

Takkyu de Dakkyu, 8* on Ura Oni. A great replacement to a missed opportunity by the old song, which was way too easy.

Sanpo, 9* on Ura Oni. The second Totoro song, and features unending note streams similar to Yawaraka Sensha Ura, but slightly easier due to the fact that it's based on 1/6 and not 1/4

Shunyuu ~happy excursion~, 9* on Ura Oni. First 9* in the Kikyoku series. Pretty much expected, but turned up earlier than it should be (it was definitely scheduled for Taiko 14)

Kimi no Akari, 8* on Ura Oni. If you thought the regular Kimi no Akari was too easy, this should satisfy you, with a near seamless string of 3 and 5 note clusters from beginning to end.

Metal Police, 9* on Ura Oni. Not too much of an upgrade, but features more complicated patterns than the regular one.

Saturday Taiko Fever, 8* on Ura Oni. A modern update of an old classic.

Black Rose Apostle, 10* on Ura Oni. The song itself is completely new and introduced on Taiko Wi 3 together with a Ura Oni mode. Oni is already crazy hard by itself, but this is an even worse challenge that requires tons of practics and stamina. Imagine this on an arcade. It's like Punishment on crack.

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