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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hikari no Kanata e (Ura)

Normal Oni video

As you can see, the alternative Oni version of the latest revived song presents the SAME patterns involved into the fight with Arumi-Alluminium in Taiko Wii 2. Just no bombs and new Kantan/Futsuu/Muzukashii modes are the differences between arcade and console games! ... Namco is getting lazier?


  1. The final of the normal version in Taiko wii 2 was better =( It's a poor present when you see the new songs of taiko wii 3

  2. Guess the song isn't as fun without the dialogue in between and the obstacles + screaming "KIRAAAAAAIIIIIII"...

  3. To Sp3000:
    Yes, I think so, before it is unlocked, I thought the Ura version includes the dialogue between Wadadon and Arumi.
    Too bad they remove them......

  4. No dialogue?!?! ;( It gives this song a lot more meaning when it's included... I also miss the bombs that pose a challenge, and you can't forget Arumi's "KIRAAAAAAAIIII!" XD

  5. is there a download for this map in taikojiro??