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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dream Taiko Land minigames

There are altogether seven minigames in Taiko Wii 3's extra mode, Dream Taiko Land, each exploring a completely different theme from one another. They're pretty fun alone, but of course, better with friends.

Cake Tower Climb to Heaven (天までとどけケーキタワー)
Coins awarded: 14 for the winning duo, 2 to the loser one.

A cliff-hanger challenge for every donder! With the help of another player (or the AI), the two of you will climb a tower made of cake and race the opponent team to the top! Time button presses well to climb up. Too slow and you'll be left behind. Too fast and you'll slide down the tower. Any button will work!


Sometimes, a creamy avalanche will trample the four drums. Hold on by mashing buttons as fast as you can.


The fastest duo who reaches the top first wins the game! If time runs out before reaching the goal, the couple who has climbed more wins the game. In this game's Oni difficulty, the cake tower is infinite and you have 100 seconds to climb as much as you can.

Alien Attack! (エイリアンアタック)
Coins awarded: up to 5 per player, according to final scores.

A menace from the outer space needs to be faced with the power of rhythm! This minigame puts the 4 space drums against a multi-coloured alien invasion. To hit the aliens, players must follow the techno rhythm and press the don button to fire! If aliens reach the cannons, they lower the energy of the team. Multiple drums can stack on top of one another to combine their power, as shown below. Cooperation is key in this minigame.


An alien invasion won't be the same without a giant alien commander. To face the final enemy of this minigame will be a race against the time!


If the players destroy the boss, they win the game.If the team's energy runs out, they lose the game. The boss won't let everyone off so easily, as it has a one-hit KO move. Destroy it before the time runs out!

Pirate Don-chan & Friends - The Search of the treasure (海賊どんちゃんと秘密の財宝)
Coins awarded: up to 5 per player, according to the number of treasures collected.

Another 4 player co-op minigame! Wearing pirate costumes, the four drums fight off a giant squid which is the guardian of a hidden treasure. Even the drum sounds will change into cannonball blasts! The better you perform, the more treasure you collect, marked from 1 to 30 above the scrolling bar:


Yam notes will change into a giant drumroll free-for-all as all four drums hit as many times as they can to beat the squid. If the Yam note isn't cleared all four players will lose some of their treasure.


Like the boss battles in Taiko Wii 2 and the DS, the giant squid will sometimes attack by covering the screen and obscuring your view of the notes. This happens only during Go-Go Time, however.


Initially you can play only with the minigame's main theme (Ikasama Pirates), but after 5 plays you will be able to chose any song you've unlocked so far on this pirate minigame! Try experimenting with different songs, especially the hard ones!

Wani Wani Panic! (ワニワニパニック)
Coins awarded: 7 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 1 for 4th

The Taiko explorers must face a reptile problem on a sunny beach. Like the kids' arcade game of the same name, also produced by Namco (think of it as Namco's equivalent of Whack-a-Mole), Wani Wani Panic is based on gaining points by hitting crocodiles. But this time there aren't any hammers involved- in order to repel these nasty guests, players must hit note patterns of steadily increasing length, from 3 to 5 to 7. A good knowledge of hitting note patterns in regular Play mode is helpful if you want to score points fast. Get one note wrong and it's back to the beginning for you.


When there are only 20 seconds left, the crocodiles will appear REALLY fast! This is the final chance to get lots of points before the time is up!


The game ends when the time runs out. The player who has hit the most crocodiles wins!

Wonderland Pumpkin Derby (おとぎ国のパンプキンダービー)
Coins awarded: 7 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 1 for 4th

In this game, the four players dress up as horses dragging a pumpkin carriage to the goal (a princess castle). Reminds you of a familiar fairytale, doesn't it? Anyway, all you have to do is hit the notes displayed on the screen many times to speed up. Then a different set of notes. Then again. Keep doing this and be the first to reach the goal!

There are items along the way to slow down other players (a raincloud covering the notes) or speed you up (drumroll to go faster), so make the most of them!


Battle of the Bees (みつばち大作戦)
Coins awarded: 7 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 1 for 4th

The cutest game of the seven, and played out to an even cuter soundtrack. This is a reflex minigame. As honey bees, the four drums gather honey from a single flower. As soon as the flower opens to reveal honey, quickly tap a button to get it! If it doesn't open and you press a button anyway, you're penalized for a few seconds. If it opens and there's a bomb inside, you'll lose half your honey if you touch it! There's also bonus jars of honey which you have to get by button mashing faster than everyone else.

Whoever gets the most honey at the end wins!


Haunted House (ホーンテッドハウス)
Coins awarded: 7 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 1 for 4th

Looks and plays similar to the Pirate minigame, but this time the four of you are competing against each other. In order to escape a haunted mansion, the four players have to hit notes and keep their candles lit. Miss notes and your candle blows out. Lose 'em all and you're out!


Ghosts will distract you along the way just like the giant squid, during a song's Go-Go Time. Be careful of your candles here!



Yam notes here will turn into a frantic escape from ghostly hands. Be the one who hits the least times and you'll be caught- losing all your candles except one!


If every other player retires, you win! If more than one player clears the song without being eliminated, the one with the most remaining candles is the winner. If you're playing with AI and you retire, the AIs automatically clear the song.

For your first 5 goes you can only play the haunted mansion's theme song, Theremin Rhapsody, but after that you'll be able to choose any song. Try a really upbeat, non-fitting song for kicks!

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