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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii song list

Taiko no Tatstujin Wii boxart

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii was released in December 2008, and is the culmination of two versions (DS1 and 2) experimenting with the casual gaming crowd and the appeal of Taiko no Tatsujin to them. Who could resist buying a Wii game with family-friendly fun, likeable songs, and cute graphics? The Wii versions of Taiko get their own version of the plastic Tatacon accessory, connected to the back of the Wiimote and operated wirelessly. PS2 tatacons are not compatible on Wii, and vice versa.

In terms of song choice, Namco didn't just please the casual crowd, it bowled series' fans completely over by having the largest total number of songs in a single console game, save PSP2 and later PSP DX, counting downloads. It is the first console version to shift the songlist focus way more heavily towards Namco Originals, which constitutes a whopping 3/7th of the total number. As if that wasn't enough, all ten songs in the infamously difficult 2000 series at the time (up to X-DAY 2000) were in here, along with many modern favorites in Namco Original. It truly was the compilation to have.

The story mode was integrated into play mode by filling up the Tamashii gauge and leveling a baby Don up to make him grow. As he grows up and matures, you're rewarded with songs, sounds and costumes. You even get to play as Mekadon! In a way, it's similar to the Don Point system from the PS2 games, only presented differently. Two-way multiplayer is supported, and each player can mind their own business and play on whichever difficulty they please, though players can't compete with each other if the difficulty isn't the same (they play together, but there is no winner/loser). A Challenge Dojo is here and is different to the one on DS in that you can challenge it as many times as you want with many different stages to go through, though of course there's a new one unlocked every day for 15 days. There are no minigames here either.

Features in Taiko Wii which are currently exclusive to all Taiko games on Wii are song lyrics for all songs with vocals, including all anime and J-Pop songs, and Miis showing up on the bottom of the screen as dancers.

Full costume list

No. of songs      70 
No. of secret songs28

J-Pop (11 songs)
Shuchishin (羞恥心)
x4x4x4x7 (video)
Kiseki (キセキ)
x3x3x4x3 (video)
Niji (虹)
Aqua Timez
x6 (video)
Soba ni Iru Ne (そばにいるね)
Aoyama Thelma feat. Soulja
x2x4x4x5 (video)
Umi Yuki (海雪)
x3x3x4x6 (video)
Sakuranbo (さくらんぼ)
Ai Ootsuka
x4x4x4x8 (video)
Galaxy Express 999 (銀河鉄道999)
x6 (video)
Natsu Matsuri (夏祭り)
x3x2x6x6 (video)
Polyrhythm (ポリリズム)
x8 (video)
Tsubomi (蕾)
x3x3x3x4 (video)
The Blue Hearts
x4x5x5x6 (video)

Anime (11 songs)
Break the Chain
Kamen Rider Kiba
x3x3x4x6 (video)
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
x4 (video)
Precure 5, Full Throttle GO GO! (プリキュア5、フル・スロットル GO GO!)x2x2x6
x7 (video)
Jungle P
One Piece
x2x2x5x7 (video)
Anpanman no March (アンパンマンのマーチ)
Soreike! Anpanman
x1x2x5x2 (video)
Blue Bird (ブルーバード)
Naruto Shippuden
x3x2x6x6 (video)
Anataboshi (アナタボシ)
Kirarin Revolution
x4x4x6x6 (video)
Odoru Ponpokorin (おどるポンポコリン)
Chibi Maruko-chan
x4 (video)
Motteke! Sailor Fuku (もってけ!セーラーふく)
Lucky Star
x3x6x7x9 (video)
Yatterman no Uta (ヤッターマンの歌)x4x5x6x6 (video)
Yume o Kanae te Doraemon (夢をかなえてドラえもん)x1x1x2x4 (video)

Variety (2 songs)
Mickey Mouse March (ミッキーマウス・マーチ)x3x4x4x7 (video)
Oretachi CoroCoro Age (俺たちコロコロAge)x4x5x5x5 (video)

Children/Folk (2 songs) 
Mori no Kuma-San (もりのくまさん)x1x1x1x1 (video) (2P video)
Sakura (Haru) (さくら(春))x3x5x7x7 (video)

Classic (9 songs)
Excerpt from Light Cavalry Overture (「軽騎兵」序曲から)
Franz von Suppé
x4x5x5x8 (video)
Republic Praise (リパブリック産科)x3x4x6x8 (video)
Hungarian Dance No.5 (ハンガリー舞曲 第5番)
x5x5x4x8 (video)
Ninth Symphony (第九交響曲)
x3x4x4x6 (video)
Toccata and Fugue and Rock (トッカータとフーガとロック)x5x7x7x10 (video)
O Sole Mio (オーソレ・ミオ)x3x4x7x8 (video)
William Tell Overture (ウィリアム・テル序曲)
Gioachino Rossini
x7 (video)
Kare Kano Kanon (カレ・カノ・カノン)x4x5x5
x9 (video)
Requiem from Dies Irae (レクイエム 怒りの日より) 
x4x4x6x7 (video)

Game Music (7 songs)
Super Mario Bros. (スーパーマリオブラザーズ)x4x5x7x8 (video)
x4x5x6x8 (video)
Kamisama no Birthday (神さまのBirthday)
x3x5x5x7 (video)
Kamikaze Remix
Ridge Racer 2
x3x6x8x10 (video)
Star Soldier Medley (スターソルジャーメドレー)x5x4x6x9 (video)
Taiko March (太鼓のマーチ)x5x6x6x7 (video)
Soul Calibur IV (ソウルキャリバーIV)
x4x4x5x8 (video)

Namco Original (28 songs)
Happy de Riippa! (ハッピーでリッパ!)x3x3x6
x7 (video)
Sengoku Sangen (戦国三弦)x4x5x6x9 (video)
Rotter Tarminationx5x7x7x9 (video)
Menkui Miracle (メンクイミラクル)x5x6x8x9 (video)
Angel Dream (エンジェル ドリーム)x4x6x7x9 (video)
Ego Ego Atakushi (エゴエゴアタクシ)x5x7x7x9 (video)
Desert de Yakiniku (Sahara-hen) (デザートde焼肉(サハラ編))x4x6x7x9 (video)
Hole in the wallx4x6x7x8 (video)
Kaze no Fantasy (風のファンタジー)x4x6x7x9 (video)
Saitama 2000 (さいたま2000)x5x7x7x9 (video)
Kechadon 2000 (ケチャドン2000)x5x6x7x10 (video)
Koibumi 2000 (恋文2000)x5x7x8x10 (video)
Yokuderu 2000 (よくでる2000)x5x6x7x10 (video)
Taberuna 2000 (タベルナ2000)x5x7x8x10 (video)
Kita Saitama 2000 (きたさいたま2000)x5x7x8x10 (video)
Soroban 2000 (十露盤2000)x5
x10 (video)
Tenjiku 2000 (てんぢく2000)x4x7x8x10 (video)
EkiBEN2000x5x7x8x10 (video)
X-DAY2000x5x7x8x10 (video)
The Carnivorous Carnivalx5x7x7x10 (video)
Yozakura Shanikusai (夜桜謝肉祭)x4x6x8
x10 (video)
Kikyoku ~Seasons of Asia~ (季曲 ~Seasons of Asia~)x3x5x5x7 (video)
Stage 0.ac11 x5x7x8x9 (video)
Densetsu no Matsuri (伝説の祭り)x3x4x5x7 (video)
Ra Morena Kumonai (ラ・モレーナ・クモナイ) x5x6x7x9 (video)
Mekadesu. (メカデス。)x4x6x7x9 (video)
Donko's First Date (どん子のファーストデート)x4x4x3x5 (video) (2P video)
Warera Muteki no Dokon Dan (われら無敵のドコン団)x4x5x6x8 (video)

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  1. Sorry for sounding ignorant but do I have to clear 200 songs on a single profile to unlock Kare Kano Kanon? Or does the 200 songs include the songs that i cleared in other profiles?

  2. Single profile. The only thing linking other profiles together is the Taiko counter.

  3. Video link for Republic Praise (Taiko Wii 1) is broken, here's a new link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_GKPvARj3A

  4. If you can, we prefer HQ capture recording directly from the TV screen (I found quite a few after a simple search), but thanks for telling me about the broken link :)